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What's on my college bucket list

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Even though I’m only a sophomore, sometimes I feel like my time at UC Berkeley is passing by way too fast. With only four years in this amazing place (even less if you study abroad), I truly don’t understand how I’m supposed to get to know everything about the Bay Area in that limited time. Never again am I going to have the opportunity to live here without having to factor in the high cost of living. So, in this article, I will be sharing with you some of the activities on my college bucket list that I am determined to complete.

Go up the Campanile 

Although slightly shocking, I’ve still never been up the Campanile. Everytime I try to, the Campanile is closed and whenever it’s open, I never seem to be able to fit in a trip to visit this amazing lookout. People frequently can’t believe this fact about me when I tell them and I know one day before I graduate, I will have this experience and take pictures to prove it. 

Walk all the way down Elmwood

I’ve frequently ridden the bus through Elmwood, however, I’ve never taken a stroll down this area. Whenever I go, I’m always astounded by how beautiful this neighborhood is. One day, I’ll walk down this entire street, so I can take in all the amazing views and cute small town energy. 

Try Cheeseboard Collective

I have heard from a multitude of people that Cheeseboard is the best pizza place around and I still haven’t had the opportunity to confirm or deny this statement. Even my roommate remembers how delicious Cheeseboard’s pizza is from when she tried it six years ago. I’ve only heard good things about this restaurant and I can’t wait to one day put all these opinions to the test. 

Take the F bus to San Francisco

A lot of people don’t know that the F bus is a free alternative to taking BART to San Francisco. It drops you in the central location of the Salesforce tower and in my opinion, is a safer and prettier drive. I’ve frequently taken this bus back to Berkeley from San Francisco but never vice versa. Maybe I’ll attempt it this weekend.

Buy a book from a cute bookstore in Berkeley 

I’m a fiend for a good bookstore and have explored a lot of the ones in Berkeley, however I have yet to actually buy anything. The books are typically more expensive than online or my hometown counterparts, however, one day I know I have to cave for a keepsake. I love reading and want at least one that I can say I got from my college town. 

Of course I have a lot more items on this list that I want to complete before I graduate, but these are a couple of things I can’t wait to do before my graduation date. Berkeley truly is a very special place and I consider myself lucky to be able to take part in the beauty and campus culture here. I hope some of these activities inspire your college bucket list.

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