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Finally… it’s Christmas

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NOVEMBER 16, 2023

Don’t get me wrong, Halloween is fun, but my life has always been about Christmas. I love the ambiance that this holiday brings including all the amazing decorations, traditions, food and drinks. For me, Christmas has certain feelings associated with it that just bring me back to a time of comfort, family and clarity and in this article, I’m going to show you just how.

The perfect tree

One of my favorite things about Christmas is picking out the perfect Christmas tree. When I was little, I used to always go with my family down to a local Christmas tree farm and pick out my favorite tree for the house. Putting on Christmas music and decorating the house always added to the Christmas magic. Not to mention the fresh scent of pine in the living room and the Christmas joy from holiday music that can always brighten my mood instantly. 

Festive music

On the topic of Christmas magic, I’m always a sucker for some nice songs filled with holiday cheer. My personal favorite Christmas song is “Believe” or “When Christmas Comes to Town” from “The Polar Express,” but I’m definitely a sucker for the whole soundtrack. Of course, I’m also a fan of the classics which always immediately put me in the perfect mood for Christmas-themed events. 

Shopping for gifts

Another Christmas festivity I love is shopping. Shopping for gifts for my friends and family is a goal I don’t take lightly. I consistently need several hours of work to find the perfect item for everyone each and every holiday season. As a self proclaimed “bad gift giver,” I also struggle with this challenge, but I’ve been getting better in the most recent years. 

Christmas drinks

Additionally, I also love love love Christmas drinks. There’s something so special about drinking hot chocolate or another festive drink on a cold day. The chilly air combined with a sweet and delicious drink never fails to prepare me for the Christmas season. 


I’m also such a big fan of rom-coms and luckily for me, they seem to be on every Christmas movie guide. Romance movies never get boring to me, especially when you already know everything is going to be okay in the end. I’m such a sucker for a cute romance and the added bonus of feeling the holiday magic during these films adds an extra dimension of fun to the whole experience! 

Lights and decorations

Probably my absolute favorite thing about this time of year are the Christmas lights. Driving around with friends or family to look at Christmas lights is such a unique and fun experience. I personally love going on an adventure with the people I feel closest to and checking out all of the amazing light displays. 

Overall, even though Halloween just came to a close for everyone else, I’m more than happy to welcome in the Christmas cheer. The happiness and joy of the Christmas season simply cannot be topped, so why not make it start a little earlier than what’s traditional?

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NOVEMBER 16, 2023