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My experience of night two at the Sphere in Las Vegas

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NOVEMBER 06, 2023

First off, what is the Sphere? The Sphere is unlike any other entertainment venue you’ve ever seen. It’s a stunning architectural marvel made primarily of gleaming metal and glass. The creation of the Sphere was a monumental endeavor, requiring a staggering investment of $2.3 billion. This futuristic structure resembles a colossal, otherworldly sphere that seems like it was plucked straight out of a science fiction movie. The hotel room that I was in had a view of the Sphere, so I was able to see the different visuals it has on the exterior. One evening, I watched as it portrayed Earth rotating on its axis, and another night, it transported me to the serene depths of the ocean, with jellyfish drifting by.

As I entered the Sphere, I was instantly struck by the mesmerizing visuals. The interior was a feast for the eyes, thanks to the massive LED screen that enveloped the entire space. This remarkable feature ensures that whether you’re front and center or tucked away in the back, you’re in for a visual treat. The sound quality was fantastic, too. No matter where you were in the venue, the music sounded crisp and clear and the venue seats around 20,000 people. The Sphere not only offers an unforgettable experience today, but also presents a glimpse into the future of concert entertainment. 

One of the most surprising and awesome aspects of my evening was the drink service in the GA section. Before the concert, while people were holding their spots, waitresses made rounds in the GA area, taking drink orders. It was a touch of luxury that I hadn’t anticipated. After placing your order, these waitresses would disappear briefly and then reappear a few minutes later, carrying your chosen beverage. It was a seamless and convenient service that enhanced the overall experience.

Now, onto the main attraction of the night — U2. From the moment they took the stage, the atmosphere was electric. Their music, their stage presence and their sheer energy had the entire audience enthralled. What made the experience even more special was Bono’s exceptional ability to connect with the audience. He wasn’t content with just performing from the stage; he wanted to make it a shared experience. At one point, he brought a lucky girl from the audience onto the stage, creating a once-in-a-lifetime memory for her, and a heartwarming moment for us all to witness. Later in the show, he did it again, this time inviting a guy to join him on stage to sing along and dance. It was a testament to his genuine appreciation for his fans and his desire to make every concert a unique and personal experience.

Even though Bono has been performing for decades, some might wonder if age has caught up with him. But his voice, though weathered by years of performing, carried just about the same emotional resonance and power that I remembered from U2’s songs. For some of the high notes, he would turn the microphone towards the crowd, inviting us to sing along with him. It was a beautiful moment with thousands of voices coming together to fill the space with the lyrics we all knew by heart. I’ve been listening to U2 since I was a kid thanks to my dad, so I was ecstatic to hear my favorite songs live and sing along with my family.

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NOVEMBER 06, 2023