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Job Fair Issue 2023: Shoot for the stars

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Growing up, many of us had a dream job. For some, it was to be an astronaut. For others, it was to be a ballerina. Many of us even dreamed of becoming president.

As reality settles in and the pressure to join the workforce mounts, we tend to take the dreaming out of our job search. Instead of asking, “What do I want to be?”, we ask, “What should I be?” But in this Job Fair Special Issue, we want readers to know that pursuing a profession doesn’t have to mean giving up your passion. 

One story follows a Berkeley grad who opened a small business that reimagines a beloved comfort food. Another spotlights a rocketry club open to all students, regardless of their experience or major. Still, others emphasize the importance of relaxation and personal development — not everything needs to be a networking opportunity. 

Our future goals may look a little bit different from the ones we held at five years old, but that doesn’t mean we need to stop dreaming. Here at UC Berkeley, it’s still possible to shoot for the stars (literally).  

– Lauren Harvey and Maya Jimenez

‘Fueling your inner child’: AURA Boba Tea & Coffee offers healthier alternatives to sweet drinks

Photo of a person holding a drink.

 From zero-sugar boba tea and coffee to an assortment of keto desserts, AURA Boba Tea & Coffee provides community members a chance to indulge in healthier alternatives to their favorite sweet drinks. Kashish Juneja, campus alumna and the store’s founder and CEO, said her lifestyle has revolved around trying different boba shops.

– Matthew Yoshimoto

‘Reaching new heights’: STAR launches rockets, future careers 

Photo of a team.

Space, Technologies and Rocketry focuses on helping students learn more about applying theoretical concepts through rocketry through the designing, building and rigorous testing of vehicles.

– Kyle Garcia Takata

‘A really good environment to start a startup’: Campus seniors develop platform to increase EV charging accessibility

Photo of a logo.

After winning a hackathon this spring, two campus seniors partnered with an international  energy company to further their pitch into a platform aimed towards accessibility in electric vehicle, or EV, charging.

– Chris Ceguerra

Personal goals: Learning to prioritize my passions

hobbies, illustrated by elanor Robertson

The point is, our passions shouldn’t fall to the back burner simply because we feel pressured to focus on academics and careers.

– Veerle de Jong

Catching my breath after my academic rollercoaster

9 to 5 Hobbies, Illustrated by Martha Tibbals

With our colorful Google calendars, the evening following our time commitments does not have to be equally hectic.

– Ethan Kim

One Step Closer: Balancing my work life

Mug of Aileen Park.

My one-year working anniversary has just passed and I have a lot to say about trying to balance my work schedule with school, and life.

– Aileen Park

Day in the life of a student barista

Photo of a cafe.

Everyone knows that the best way to start your day is with a cup of coffee. And every morning, I do.

– Clarissa Arceo

Stories from a Subway sandwich artist

Mug of Malayna Chang.

Everyone always says not to work in fast food. However, when you’re a broke, desperate high school student looking for after-school jobs to pay for your manic concert addiction, hardcover book obsession or college application fees, suddenly Subway seems like a haven.

– Malayna Chang

Are they flirting or just networking? 5 ways to spot the difference

Flirting Business, Illustrated by Melanie Wu

Connections can get you far, but networking can get out of hand sometimes. Occasionally, it can turn a would-be rom-com into an unwanted job interview.

– Ria Raniwala

Alumn-I want to be like: Careers of UC Berkeley alumni 

Photo of Adriana Temprano.

For UC Berkeley students thinking about future careers, looking up to someone who’s been in similar shoes might help. Here are some iconic UC Berkeley alumni to help inspire your job decisions.

– Adriana Temprano

Creating a portfolio: Why you should have one for your next job application

Photo of a notebook and writing supplies.

A portfolio is a collection of what makes you, you. A professional portfolio will consist of a collection of materials that exemplify your experience and qualification.

– Clarissa Arceo

‘Spark some creativity’: Songwriting club inspires aspiring musicians 

Photo of a keyboard.

In addition to open mics, SWAB leads workshops to dive deeper into specific songwriting topics, including chord progressions.

– Kelcie Lee

Working in politics: Liking versus pursuing

Mug of Joann Moon.

Sure, it’s great to understand the process of government first-hand, but to actually be a part of it? It’s both a grueling and rewarding task.

– Joann Moon

UCDC provides students with professional development, academic progress, travel experience

Photo of the United States capital.

Although the program is available to students of any major, it is especially suitable for “history nerds, politics nerds” or people interested in the specific work being done in D.C.

– Laurel Spear

Strangers in the Alps

Mug of Olivia Rhee

I had spent so much time up to that point convincing myself that only success would fulfill me. At the peak of chaos, I realized that there was more to life than maintaining my GPA and securing a return offer.

– Olivia Rhee

My wonderful internshipless summer

Mug of Mary Huynh.

My one piece of advice for any student at UC Berkeley is that it is okay to not have an internship. Time taken to recuperate and figure your life out is not time that is wasted. You are on the right track, and you are doing enough. If you aren’t, like I am, that’s okay too.

– Mary Huynh

My nonlinear path to academic fulfillment

Sophie Ward mug.

Changing my major a year into college and still being able to transfer wasn’t an easy process.

– Sophie Ward

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2023