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Things to do between classes

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2023

Last year as a freshman, I often found myself in between classes or other meetings with breaks anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple hours. I also lived in Clark Kerr last year, and I was not about to walk 40 minutes there and back just to sit in my dorm for a few minutes. Instead, I came up with a foolproof plan of things to do between my classes, no matter the situation.

Sit on the glade
If you’re wearing pants that are grass-stain proof, find a nice spot on the glade to just soak in the sun, or do some light reading for a class. However, if you’re not wearing the appropriate attire but still want some time outdoors …

Find a bench
There are a bunch of great ones outside of Dwinelle, the Social Sciences building or even Doe Library. I love sitting outside for a few minutes just to get a chance to catch my breath between classes and breathe in some fresh air before reentering a stuffy lecture hall.

Go to a library
If you have a longer stretch of time to kill, go to your favorite library study spot and get some work done. I promise your future self will thank you for it! My favorite library for getting quiet work done is Doe, because I am so productive and it’s so easy to find a spot. If you’re feeling lucky though, you can always try to find a coveted seat in the beautiful East Asian Library.

Get a coffee
If you’re really not in a productive mood, grab a coffee or drink of your choice and enjoy it outside at one of the many cafés on or near campus. This choice is great because you also get to kill time by ordering and then waiting for your drink.

Text a friend
Or, if you’re like me, stalk them on Find Friends, call them and tell them you’re coming to find them. I used to feel nervous about this, but I’m at the point now where I feel so comfortable stalking my friends, so I highly encourage this! You never know who you might be right next to on campus, so this is a good way to spice up your daily routine.

While many of these may seem obvious, I’m the type of person that likes to list things out so that I know my options. The time that stretches between classes can definitely feel daunting, especially if this is your first year and you are used to having a very strictly organized high school schedule. Hopefully, this helps demystify what to do between classes!

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2023