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SEPTEMBER 14, 2023

It’s no secret that the Bay Area is flooded with success — seven professional teams and 34 championships. However, these teams also own an archive of stylish threads to complement the rings. But which team has showcased the best threads?

  1. Oakland Raiders 

Coming in last place is the Oakland Raiders. Though Oakland lost one of its most beloved franchises to Las Vegas, it didn’t change how boring these jerseys are. Raiders fans spare me, but the simplicity of a black, silver and white color scheme lacks pop and variety, making it difficult to rank them any higher. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options to pick between for my “favorite,” so I’ll stick with their classic black top and silver bottom home jerseys.

  1. San Jose Earthquakes

The Earthquakes fall in right after, not because their kit designs are lackluster, but because they don’t have the flair that the rest do. Despite that, the Earthquakes have stuck with their blue, black, red and white color scheme, allowing them versatility to their designs, but nothing too crazy or deserving of a higher rank. Nonetheless, my favorite is their 2023 home kit — a clean combination of blue and black with a universal design.

  1. San Jose Sharks 

Though the Sharks are not the most accomplished team in the Bay, their unique threads potentially overshadow that. The Sharks’ jersey color scheme is composed of orange, teal, black and white, but the real kicker is the logo. I think the Sharks have one of the better logos, making their uniforms much more aesthetic. It also is worth mentioning that their color scheme complements the theme of ocean and sharks very well. As for my favorite jersey, I couldn’t decide between their 2022-23 season reverse retros or their black “stealth” alternates.

  1. San Francisco 49ers 

If this list was based on success, the Niners would be higher, but their jerseys are not there yet. However, the concept of having the red and gold color scheme tie into the origin of the organization — the 1849 California Gold Rush — is brilliant. Much like the Raiders, the Niners’ jerseys will forever be a classic, but in contrast, the Niners have let loose at times, leading to some elite jersey designs. Though its color rush concepts were nice, nothing stacks up to the late 1990s and early 2000s white away jerseys. I think the stripes, logos and bolded numbers keep it simple, yet effective.

  1. Oakland Athletics

Though the A’s run in Oakland is coming to an end, the Oakland faithful will forever cherish the league’s best color scheme that is green, gold and gray. But again, jerseys are more than the colors you put on them, it’s about how you design them, and the script lettering of both “Oakland” and “Athletics” gives them that flair. I’m a big fan of their vibrant green alternates and their gray road uniforms — it makes for a sleek look.

  1. Golden State Warriors

The Warriors land in my No. 2 slot. Their catalog of jerseys runs the deepest and they undoubtedly represent the Bay the best through their famous blue and yellow colorways. From their most recognizable logo, the Golden Gate Bridge, to an oak tree, the Warriors find ways to pay homage to their city. The jerseys also filter through “Golden State”, “The Bay”, “The City”, “The Town”, “Oakland” and “San Francisco.” My favorites include their 2021-22 and 2019-20 “classic” jersey, 2000s collection and 2020-21 “city” jersey.

  1. San Francisco Giants

At the throne sit the Giants. Looking through their jersey lineup, I can wholeheartedly say that there isn’t one dud. The utilization of every color — black, orange, gold and cream — into their jerseys piques my liking, especially the cream-colored homes, alternate blacks and oranges. An underrated aspect of these jerseys are their logos and how diverse they are with “Giants”, “SF” and “San Francisco”. The City Connect jerseys are no slouch either with the implementation of the Golden Gate Bridge. Overall, I just love the use of concepts displayed on the uniforms. 10/10!

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2023