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How to make the best charcuterie board

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2023

Creating a visually stunning and delectable charcuterie board is an art form that combines flavors, textures and aesthetics to delight both the palate and the eyes. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply treating yourself to a culinary adventure, you can follow these tips to curate a charcuterie board that will leave a lasting impression.


First things first, let’s talk presentation. Your charcuterie board’s canvas sets the tone for the entire experience. Opt for a large wooden cutting board, a rustic slate slab or even an elegant serving platter. Don’t be afraid to mix and match — using multiple cutting boards and a few dishes here and there can add an extra touch of charm.


To tantalize taste buds, strike a balance between sweet and savory elements. Incorporate honey or fig preserves for a touch of sweetness that pairs beautifully with the saltiness of the meats and cheeses. Nuts like almonds and pecans add crunch, while dried fruits like apricots and cranberries offer a burst of natural sweetness.


Let’s face it, bread and cheese are college student staples. So why not make them the stars of your charcuterie board? Offer an assortment of bread and crackers that act as the perfect carriers for your meats and cheeses. From sliced baguettes to those addictive naan crackers from Trader Joe’s, your taste buds are in for a treat!


Integrate an assortment of fresh, vibrant fruits for both flavor and aesthetic appeal. Slices of juicy watermelon, clusters of grapes, cut strawberries and wedges of ripe figs add a burst of color and freshness to your board.


Elevate the aesthetics of your charcuterie masterpiece by adding a touch of floral elegance. Whether it’s a small floral arrangement on the table or delicate flowers artistically scattered across the cutting boards, this simple addition will make your board even more photogenic.


Pairing your charcuterie board with the right beverage can take your experience to the next level. Grab a bottle of wine that complements the flavors of your meats and cheeses, or get creative with a fun mocktail concoction. It’s all about finding that perfect sip to accompany your delectable bites.


Here’s a fun idea that also helps you save a few bucks — get your friends involved! Ask each guest to bring an item for the charcuterie board. This not only adds a collaborative touch to your gathering, but it also ensures that everyone finds something they love on the spread.

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2023