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My guilty pleasures at the moment

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2023

Recently, I was asked on Google Forms what my current guilty pleasure is, and I was unable to think of anything. The question was stuck in my head for the next few days, so I decided to write an article to prove that I am in fact able to come up with interesting and thought provoking guilty pleasures — if I am ever tasked with such an annoying icebreaker question again.

Jolly Ranchers

This one is very basic, but it’s the only thing I could think of when I was filling out my aforementioned form, so I felt like I needed to include it for good measure. Jolly Ranchers are just so fun to eat, and my friends and I have recently been obsessed with them. However, I will only and will EVER only eat the blue ones.

People watching

I don’t know if this is considered guilty or not because I do feel weird about it sometimes, but I feel like everyone does it to some extent. My room right now has two big windows right in front of my roommate and I’s desks. As a result, we get so caught up in watching the passersby and cracking jokes that we can’t get any work done in our room when the shades are up.

Doing small tasks to procrastinate bigger ones

This one has been a problem for me ever since school started again. If I have an important assignment that’s worth a big portion of my grade, you can bet that I’ll instead be diligently doing a reading that honestly will not help me with the class at all. Or, I decide that now is the perfect time to do my laundry — or maybe I suddenly need some groceries. While all these things are seemingly useful, they really get in the way of accomplishing an important task instead, and this is the biggest fuel for my procrastination because I still feel accomplished for getting something done.

Shopping for clothes I will never buy

Recently, whenever I see someone on social media wearing a cool outfit, I will search the internet for every piece of the outfit and add it all to my cart — no matter if it’s straight off New York Fashion Week or if it’s a girl wearing a ski parka in Boston. This guilty pleasure might be the most harmless of them all, however, because I do have enough restraint to not buy any of it — but it sure does waste a lot of my time.

Hopefully, this list of my guilty pleasures makes you feel a little better about yours. As for me, it has served its purpose of convincing me that I am actually creative enough to come up with some unique ideas next time I’m asked the question. So, here’s to the next time we are asked a similar icebreaker question and don’t know what to do!

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2023