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Top teams at 2023 Cricket World Cup

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AUGUST 10, 2023

With the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup coming to India in October, cricket fans worldwide eagerly await the massive tournament to commence, speculating which teams will make it to the finals. The ICC World Cup will feature 10 promising cricket teams from around the globe to participate and compete for a spot in the championship. This year’s nations fighting for victory are Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the Netherlands

Four teams in particular have emerged as potential top competitors come the start of the World Cup in October.  


It’s no doubt India would make it to the top of the list. India earned the top ranking of the 2023 ICC test teams and T20 teams with ratings of 118 and 264, respectively, far surpassing the other teams. This season, India delivered a strong batting lineup with a batting average of 25.1 in the T20.

On top of that, its constantly successful pace attacks earned it higher averages than most teams, with a bowling average of 22.1 and an average of 5 wickets. But this team wouldn’t have made it as far as they have without their standout players boosting them to the top.

An obvious key player for India is Virat Kohli, who is once again proving to be one of the best batters in the league. Kohli reached a batting average of 54.66 with a total of 984 runs in 19 innings played across the test, ODI and T20I matches. Shubman Gill has also proven himself a top contender in terms of batting. Gill has a batting average of 46.07 with 1198 runs in 29 innings played. With these stats, Gill made his way to the first spot to the highest individual scorer in the ODI and third spot in the T20I matches.

However, India’s top player this season is undoubtedly Suryakumar Yadav. With 372 runs and 21 sixes, Yadav is at the top of the league in both of those categories. Not only did he climb to the top with batting stats, but he is also a top fielder for the team with seven total catches in the T20 series. With top players such as Gill and Yadav, India has a strong chance of coming through with the title of the ICC World Cup champions.


As a five-time World Cup winner, Australia is definitely the most experienced out of the nations competing. With the ability to work well in high-pressure situations and consistently perform well, Australia could be on its way to another championship title.

Currently, Australia leads the ICC Men’s ODI team rankings with a score of 118, a promising number that could carry them to the semifinals. From the 2023 test series, Australia performed a bowling average of 36.87, including an average of 10 wickets in four innings played. They also carried a batting average of 23.5 and an average of about 144 runs among their top 10 players.

One of Australia’s subsequential players is Nathan Ellis, a bowler for the team. With a bowling average of 6.5, Ellis climbed his way to the top of the ODI series ranking. Another prominent player is allrounder Mitchell Marsh, who earned a batting average of 97 with 194 runs in the ODI series, marking him second overall in the ODI best batting average ranking. With bowlers such as Ellis and batters such as Marsh, Australia is a strong contender.


The defending champions have also had a rather notable season. England’s consistently thriving batting, dynamic bowling and solid fielding could possibly bring them their second World Cup win in a row. During the 2023 test season, England earned a batting average of 17 between nine players, two of them with over 1000 runs in the test series.

Not only are the batting averages high, but England has brought game-changing bowling and fielding to the stadiums with a bowling average of 37.5. England’s key players have found the perfect balance between batting, bowling and fielding, providing an advantage to the team.

Batters such as Joe Root and Harry Brook had the most runs on the team with 787 and 701, putting them at third and sixth in the Test series ranking, respectively. England’s best players have paved the way to success before, and will be key in their bid to repeat.


This team could be deemed the underdogs, considering they have only won a single World Cup in 1992. However, you can’t underestimate Pakistan. A steady performance with standout players during the 2023 season has cricket fans placing the team near the top of their predictions.

With a batting average of 18.3 and a bowling average of 35.8, Pakistan will be able to compete with the best.

Several players have led the way for Pakistan this season, with each contributing in the stat column. Saud Shakeel, Pakistan’s middle-order batter, has a batting average of 150.66 and 452 runs during the 2023 test series. This placed him in the second spot for the best batting average and third spot for the highest individual scorer of 2023. Following close behind is Agha Salman, placing third for best batting average with a score of 97.33. Players like them are what Pakistan needs to get itself a spot in the semifinals and beyond.

The 2023 ICC World Cup continues to bring excitement to fans across the world, promising to be one of the most-watched sporting events of the year. Each of the four teams has its own advantages and strengths that could carry them to the finals and earn them the title of World Cup champions.

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AUGUST 10, 2023