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What the flock? Finding a hidden travel gem in Santa Barbara

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AUGUST 04, 2023

If you’re looking for travel plans along the Pacific coast, Santa Barbara might catch your eye. And if you didn’t know where to start looking for places to sightsee and road-trip, I’d totally recommend checking out hashtags across social media. You’d be surprised by what you may find and be inspired by others’ ventures. This is essentially how I landed on Ostrichland in Solvang. 

Solvang is a city that is just a small commute outside of the UC Santa Barbara area, and it’s home to one of my newly favorite hidden travel gems. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a large sign of an ostrich with the tagline “Feed this bad boy!” (And we totally did!). The environment is quiet but so inviting to be outdoors — you won’t be able to contain your excitement upon driving into the parking lot. The range of land extends farther out, and driving along the gates toward the parking lot builds the eagerness to see the ostriches closer. 

When entering the storefront, you’re greeted by ostrich plushies, pictures, souvenirs, keychains, ostrich eggs and so much more. It’s an ostrich heaven, if there’s one that would exist.  Not only that, but they also have emu items available. The only thing standing between you and entering the ostrich farm is the $7 entry fee and the $1 bowls of ostrich feed. 

Entering Ostrichland was a wildly enchanting experience. Upon walking through the door, you’ll see that the land spreads widely, and the scenery is almost breathtaking. Ostriches and emus are idle as some walk up to other tourists at the fences to peck at the feeder bowls. They’re frightening but so beautiful to admire. 

Fences are lined along the perimeter to protect visitors from being attacked, but there are large openings for people to extend their bowl to the birds. You hold it out, and they peck! And they can definitely eat!

There are a few photo opportunities available with signs and art on the walls around the visitor areas, but I think the best photos you can take are in front of the ostriches that stand tall and mighty, and their heads stick hilariously far up and over the gate. 

If you’re ever traveling along the Pacific coast and are an animal lover (or one in the making), this place is definitely worth checking out. 

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AUGUST 04, 2023