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Exploring The Source OC

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JULY 13, 2023

Recently, a ton of stores from The Source OC in Buena Park have taken my social media feed by storm. Although I have been there a few times, it feels as if the outdoor shopping mall gets bigger and bigger with each visit I make. So, from endless food options to dance centers, I’m here to talk about some of the gems The Source OC has to offer. 


As of late, a ton of my friends have been big fans of Korean popular music, better known as K-pop. So, it’s without a doubt that during our visit to The Source OC, we visited two Korean music stores: K-PLACE and K-POP Music Town. Although both stores seemingly offered similar merchandise, there were also notable differences between the two. For one, many of the K-pop albums I looked at seemed to be cheaper at K-PLACE. K-PLACE also seemed to be hosting a special promotion for free posters with every album purchase — I thought that was pretty neat. However, one thing I really liked about K-POP Music Town was that it had special prices for some albums — some even as close as half-off, which isn’t something you usually see. 

Other than music stores, The Source OC also has K-POP Center, a dance and vocal studio. While I myself have not personally visited the studio, I have heard that they host a ton of auditions for aspiring artists. Don’t worry if you’re not an aspiring artist, though, they also offer dance classes for those of you interested in trying out dance for the first time.

Food and shopping

The Source OC is also a huge center for beauty and fashion — the stores seemed endless! From skincare and makeup to trending streetwear and even mobile accessories, there’s definitely something for anyone looking for cute accessories or even a whole new wardrobe.

Worried about “shopping until you drop?” Well, no need to worry because The Source OC has a huge variety of different food options — even for you picky eaters out there! Just so you get a general idea, I’m talking seafood, Korean fried chicken, KBBQ, hotpot and even a virtual golf and restaurant hybrid! For those of you not looking for a full meal, there are also a ton of desserts, drinks and snack options like Korean shaved ice, boba, cheesecakes and even cheese sandwiches. 


When it comes to entertainment-centered amenities, The Source OC is definitely not lacking! Looking to sit down and play online games with friends and family? The Source OC has an internet cafe just for that! Looking for something more physical? Luckily, The Source OC has a virtual golf center and an indoor kid’s playground! There are also a ton of other entertainment services such as a movie theater and even karaoke rooms. 

One of my personal favorites — which may not exactly be in the “entertainment” category — is Life 4 Cuts, an incredible photo booth experience. The store offers a plethora of sanitized photo props such as cowboy hats, funky glasses and even adorable headbands. There’s even its own mini “get-ready center” that has a hair dryer. To capture some of your favorite memories at The Source OC, I highly recommend visiting Life 4 Cuts. 

So, if you’re around the Southern California area this summer and are looking for somewhere new to explore, I’d highly suggest checking out The Source OC in Buena Park! It’s definitely a must-visit for fans of K-pop or just about anyone looking for something new and fresh.

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JULY 13, 2023