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Things only dog owners understand

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MAY 30, 2023

I’ve lived the majority of my life owning a dog. Honestly, I don’t know a life without having a dog. My furry friends have improved my life immensely, as they are always there for me and know how to cheer me up. Their little quirks and mannerisms are too cute to handle, but can sometimes be questionable. If you’re a dog owner, you know what I mean. The following are things only dog owners will understand. 

Having a designated dog voice

Maybe it sounds like you’re talking to a baby or you are a baby, but every dog owner has a special voice they use when talking to their pup. You probably think that if you don’t use your designated dog voice, your dog will think something’s wrong or that you don’t care about them as much. Even if they’re a “bad” boy or girl, dog owners can’t help but use their dog voice to discipline them. 

Barking at nothing 

All dog owners understand the pain of having a peaceful day be interrupted by your dog’s barking. After getting up to look outside the window, you see nothing there and realize your dog was just messing around. You may be a little irritated, but how can you ever be mad at your pup?

Always sharing your food

If you own a dog, just know your food is never actually yours. Food is always shared among dog owners and their dogs. Maybe it’s some table scraps or maybe it’s full-on meals. You just can’t ignore their cuteness when they beg and look at you with their big, hopeful eyes. 

Refusing to move so you don’t disturb them

When your dog is sleeping, you do everything in your power to make sure they’re comfortable. Sometimes, this includes sitting or lying down in uncomfortable positions and refusing to get up because if you do, they’ll wake up. You never want to be the enemy who wakes them up from a good nap. 

Fur is everywhere

Dog owners know that fur can end up in the most unexpected places. It’s just not limited to the couch or clothes. Somehow, you end up seeing fur in your food, your computer keyboard, and it somehow follows you to work and school. There’s just not enough money in the world to buy an endless supply of lint rollers. 

No matter how annoying or inconvenient dogs may be at times, dog owners will do anything for their dogs, no matter the cost. They’re suckers for their big eyes, happy smiles and cuddly bodies. As the saying goes, dogs really are a human’s best friend.

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MAY 30, 2023