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Fun things to do with your family this summer

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MAY 28, 2023

When the end of the spring semester rolls around, many college students find themselves back in their childhood homes for the summer. While it’s great to be back with your family, it can be hard to find activities other than having family dinners or watching a movie. So, below is a list of activities you can do with your family this summer to get out of the house while spending time together, right here in the Bay Area!

Go to the beach
Soaking in some sun while having some snacks or reading a book is a great way to spend an afternoon. In the Bay Area, Half Moon Bay or Pacifica are great options.

Go on a hike
Hiking allows you to enjoy nature while simultaneously catching up with your family after a year at school. The nearby Berkeley Fire Trails are a perfect option. However, for a little more of a trip, Point Reyes National Seashore offers beautiful views along the coast.

Stop by a farmers market
The Bay Area is known for boasting fresh produce at farmers markets across the area. My local one is on California Avenue in Palo Alto. While you could briefly stop by for a few groceries, many farmers markets have food stands where you can enjoy lunch while browsing, as well as clothing and jewelry booths where you can purchase some handmade merchandise.

Head to wine country
If your parents are into wine, you can surprise them with a trip to Napa for a wine tasting tour, where you can tag along to enjoy the beauty of the area (or partake if you’re of age).

Explore Marin County
Appreciate the natural beauty and views through the hikes and fun day trips that Marin has to offer. I recommend seeing Muir Woods, a wonderful nature preserve nearby.

Go to a museum
The Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco offers a variety of beautiful modern art, while the de Young Museum has fine arts and special exhibits that are worth seeing. You can even museum-hop with your loved ones!

Hopefully, this list gave you some ideas or inspiration to make some fun summer plans with your family. I’ve already crossed a few off of this list, but I plan to try more as the summer goes by. We at the Clog wish you an amazing summer with your family!

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MAY 28, 2023