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What I’m looking forward to this summer

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MAY 24, 2023

This school year seems to have flown by incredibly fast. For some of us, summer is a well-needed break and an opportunity to spend more time with family and friends. For others, summer may present an opportunity for experience-gaining and self-improvement. With summer just a month away, here’s what I’m looking forward to doing this summer. 

Getting my driver’s license 

After almost a year of watching most of my friends be able to drive and being driven around a couple of times myself, I’m ecstatic to go home and finally be able to kickstart my own driving career. Adding on to that, I’m incredibly excited to finally be able to drive myself places without having to rely on others. 

Alone time

Being out of full-time school (aside from summer school), I’m looking forward to spending more time with myself. I intend to try out new recipes to take with me back to UC Berkeley, take more walks around my neighborhood with my dog (whom I miss dearly) and get back into reading. 

Spending time with family and friends

Conversely, I also want to spend more time with loved ones during the summer, as I’ll finally be back in my hometown after almost five months away. I plan to reunite with high school friends and organize outings together. I also want to spend more time with family by going grocery shopping together on the weekends and celebrating my younger brother’s birthday in person. 


Of course, what is summer without going on trips? One place I hopefully want to visit is Universal Studios (specifically Super Nintendo World). I actually have not been to Universal Studios since I was 9 years old (almost a decade ago), so it’s definitely the Southern California amusement park that I want to check out the most. My younger brother has also been excited about Super Nintendo World so I hope to be able to go with him since he’s never been to Universal Studios before. 

Summer is just around the corner! These are just some of the things I want to do during this short break and I hope you have things that you’re looking forward to doing in a few weeks too!

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MAY 24, 2023