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5 things to do in the sun to feel more granola

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MAY 24, 2023

The sun is out, summer is rolling in and the rain and harshness of the cold weather has finally come to an end. Instead of preoccupying ourselves with our never-ending pile of work, maybe we should be welcoming the sun. So, here are some things we can do to feel a little more granola. 

1. Tan

There’s no better feeling than the warmth of the sun blessing your skin as you’re sprawling on a lush piece of grass. Tanning is an essential hobby of many UC Berkeley students, which isn’t that granola — still, being a UC Berkeley student in and of itself is a matter of becoming more granola. Plus, it’s quite funny to see sunburnt people roaming about campus. 

2. Picnic

In this case, you can become more granola by picnicking with actual granola! Personally, I think the crispier the granola, the better. However, it’s your preference, but regardless, going on a picnic is a wonderfully calming reset to the chaos that always seems to be happening around us. Strum a guitar while your friends sing along, read while you drink a fruity beverage and listen to the way the birds chirp around you — let yourself feel at peace with the earth around you. 

3. Hammock 

The best game to play when it comes to hammocking is: How many people could we possibly fit in this hammock? The best number is three, and bonus points if you have a green hammock because you’re really embodying the notion of being three peas in a pod. Hammocking also gives major camping vibes, which I would argue is pretty granola. 

4. Frolic

Run around with your friends on the grass, do some cartwheels, play Spikeball and compete to see who can roll down a grassy hill the fastest. Frolicking is not only for those who embody the cottage-core aesthetic, but an essential personality trait for those of you looking to feel a little more granola this upcoming summer. 

5. Reject modernity 

Last but not least, the key to becoming more granola in the sun is to not literally meditate but to become one with the world around you. Reject the temptations of your bed and whatever is on your phone and instead go outside. It’s only a matter of time before the cold weather comes back around. 

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MAY 24, 2023