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The Foggy Economy: 4/20 Day

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MAY 04, 2023

Welcome to The Foggy Economy, a new podcast from the Multimedia Department! Delve into the captivating world of Bay Area economics with host and producer Hannah Kaminker takes listeners on a journey through the economic activities of the Bay. Understanding the economy is about more than just dollars and cents— it’s about the choices and behaviors of real people that shape the economic landscape of the region. By exploring the human side of economics, we offer a unique and valuable perspective on how the economy affects our daily lives. So sit back, relax and tune in to get a fresh and engaging take on the dynamic economic region.

This episode: 4/20 Day. On this mini episode of The Foggy Economy, we’re taking a closer look at the intersection of college life, entrepreneurship and one of the Bay Area’s most iconic events: 4/20 Day. Join host Hannah Kaminker and a group of college students as they share their experiences and insights into what it takes to make a profit during this bustling celebration. So grab a snack, light up and tune in for a fascinating and fun episode that explores the human side of economics during this memorable day.

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  • Slowtown, Doug Organ
  • Light Rush, Pecan Pie


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MAY 04, 2023