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Power-ranking random things I collect

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MAY 03, 2023

I’ve always been a collector of the most random items and trinkets. My collecting habit started with my rock collection in the second grade, and, since then, I realized that collecting things, big or small, brings me bits of joy in my life. Although I’ve outgrown many of my collections and have departed with them, I still have several items I enjoy collecting. Here’s a power-ranking of my current favorite items to collect. 

Squishmallows: 10/10

If you don’t know what a Squishmallow is, you’re missing out. They’re stuffed animals typically shaped like ovals. They’re huggable, squishable and feel like marshmallows. Over the years, the internet has made them very popular, but my obsession with collecting them started before they became popular. There’s no downsides to collecting Squishmallows, unless you count my parents calling me immature for doing so. 

Anything strawberry-related: 9/10

Strawberries are my favorite fruit and always have been. I collect anything strawberry-related. It can be strawberry-scented, have a strawberry print on it or be strawberry-shaped. The only thing about my strawberry collection is that it can sometimes be difficult to find strawberry -elated items, because strawberry items are usually seasonal in retail stores. I can’t say which strawberry item is my favorite, but my strawberry sweater, lotion and bucket hat never disappoint. 

Scented candles: 7/10

Don’t take me into a store with candles and expect me not to smell them. Scented candles are a necessity when I’m doing the simplest of tasks. They fill the room with a great fragrance and can be very relaxing after a hard day. I’m also a sucker for candles with cute packaging, so if it smells and looks good, I’m buying it. As much as I love candles, I have to take off points because collecting them hurts my bank account. 

Stickers: 6/10

I have to say my sticker obsession has died down over the years, but I still enjoy collecting them. At my parent’s house, I have a box full of free stickers I’ve collected from various brands and companies. The weird thing with me collecting stickers is that I’m afraid of commitment and never actually stick them on things, so they just end up sitting around and taking up space. Now, I try to limit my sticker collecting to stickers I’ll actually put on my water bottle or laptop case. 

Beads: 6/10

As someone who enjoys making jewelry in their free time, I love beads. There’s so many different ways to use beads, and the jewelry making possibilities are endless. Despite the boost of serotonin I get when I add new beads to my collection, beads can be quite expensive. They’re also a hassle to clean up, and spilling beads all over my room is no fun. Rest in peace to the beads stuck in between my carpet fibers that I’ll never see again. 

As much as I would like to be a minimalist, my collecting habits interfere with having such a lifestyle. Some may say my collecting habits are odd and unnecessary, but I see no harm in them if they make me happy. What can I say? Trinkets and collectable items have my heart. 

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MAY 03, 2023