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spill tab splinters expectations, brings sparky energy to The Warfield

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APRIL 21, 2023

“What’s up, San Fran!” shouted a spunky spill tab, otherwise known as alternative indie artist Claire Chicha, as she exploded on stage — eager to welcome and warm up the awaiting audience at The Warfield on April 14. As the supporting act for Sabrina Carpenter’s “Emails I Can’t Send” tour, spill tab successfully enthralled the crowd with a 10-song setlist quintessentially showcasing her musical ability and endearing personality.

Leaping around the stage in mom jeans and a pink top, spill tab opened with “Grade A,” an upbeat track with a catchy drum beat, and the audience cheered as she rapped JAWNY’s verse on the original, giving a perfect taste of what was to come.

Maintaining this energy, spill tab performed “Name,” a song about swapping someone’s nickname back for their first name, during which she flipped her hair and held up her middle finger. Right before the song’s beat drop, she engaged in some quirky banter with the audience, asking, “San Francisco, are you guys doing good tonight? Are you guys feeling sexy tonight? Are you guys feeling sweaty tonight? Good. We’re here to have a good time.”

She then pulled out her guitar and introduced her band before performing “Velcro,” which included her singing Gus Dapperton’s part on the track and shredding on stage with her bassist. The way spill tab interacts with her band and the audience through both her movements and banter makes her all the more enjoyable to watch as a live performer. 

The French-Korean singer has a song entirely sung in French, smooth-sounding “Calvaire,” which she introduced in a manner as quirky as she is. Warning the audience of an incoming call and response, she had them repeat casual French words before dropping the punchline: “Oh you b—ches speak French now?” 

Continuing the established lofi sound, she performed “Uneasy,” which sounded dreamy as her voice sounded softer singing this slower song, giving more R&B vibes. Transitioning out of these softer sounds, she performed her two-week-old song “Window” with high energy. 

Moving into two of her most chaotic and energetic songs of the night, spill tab made sure to highlight her Crocs being in sports mode. “Splinter” starts slow and gradually builds up into a powerful track. During the song, spill tab was armed with her guitar on stage swaying and stomping in place in front of the mic.

The energy skyrocketed from here as the frenzied twangs of “CRÈME BRÛLÉE!” filled the room. “Carve your name, eat you like crème brûlée/ Ah-ah-ah” sang spill tab before she started kicking and shredding around on stage with her guitar. 

Spill tab then pulled out a ukulele and performed a brief cover of Usher’s 2000s hit “Yeah!” – a charmingly idiosyncratic move – before performing her penultimate song “Cotton Candy.”

Preparing to wrap up her set, she asked, “Can we say thank you to Sabrina for having us tonight?” One of the best, most admirable parts of a spill tab show is how much she talks to her audience and speaks with quirky intonations; her personality is addictive. 

Saving perhaps her best, most spill tab song for last, she ended her set with “PISTOLWHIP,” another one of her songs which builds up into a chaotic cacophony chock full of energy. At the start of the show, spill tab said she was there to “warm you up for Miss Sabrina” — a mission she succeeded in. 

While spill tab and Carpenter’s music don’t fall into the same genre, spill tab does a good job of complementing the show’s main act by livening the atmosphere with her lovely quirks and talent.

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APRIL 21, 2023