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Photo Essay: An appreciation of small moments at UC Berkeley

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Senior Staff

APRIL 21, 2023

You’ve been congratulated for getting into the number one public university in the world. Now you’re experiencing the growing pains that college is known for, especially at UC Berkeley. Life in Berkeley can often feel hectic and overwhelming. 

On campus it can be easy to stay laser-focused on our next task as we move from class to class. A day in the life at UC Berkeley is often thought of as fast paced and rigorous, but many neglect to focus on the small moments of delight hidden in between. 

Little joys can make a stressful day much easier to bear, and appreciating breaks in the chaos can make all the difference. You probably do many of these things without giving them a second thought, but actively acknowledging them can make all the difference. Taking time to appreciate the spaces between classes can help you slow down and relieve tension. 

Spending time reading a good book or eating a snack can turn annoying gaps in your schedule into a nice, relaxing chance to reset. Breaks throughout the day are my favorite way to make an ordinary day something more. 

Although they are not the first things that come to mind when thinking about college, the little moments spent around campus are what make everyday Berkeley special.


A person reaching for a phone playing music.
(Kyle Garcia Takata/Senior Staff)


A photo of someone holding a granola bar.
(Kyle Garcia Takata/Senior Staff)


A person sitting against a tree and reading.
(Kyle Garcia Takata/Senior Staff)


A person laying on a grass field.
(Kyle Garcia Takata/Senior Staff)


Person holding a coffee next to a sandwich and a laptop.
(Kyle Garcia Takata/Senior Staff)

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JULY 07, 2023