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'Slow Burn': 4/20-inspired songs to blast on the Glade

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APRIL 20, 2023

With the sheer number of students that flock to the Glade every year, 4/20 might as well be a school-sanctioned holiday. The day reigns supreme in the minds of many Berkeley students, making it a reason to skip class, enjoy the sunshine and smoke a little with their friends. Complete with enchanting beats, wistful vocals and boppy drum tracks, these tracks are perfect to blast through your speaker on the Glade as you lay on a blanket, savoring the day with others. Even if you don’t plan on smoking this 4/20, these songs can help you vibe with everyone who is. 

“Saw You In A Dream” by The Japanese House

This song’s vibey beat and wistful lyrics make it an ideal song to relax with a joint in hand. Pairing haunting vocal harmonies with mild synths, at the end of its choruses, “Saw You In A Dream” captures a yearning sentiment reflective of a late afternoon high. This track feels like coming in and out of a haze, making it the ideal accompaniment to the clouds of smoke that inevitably form on the Glade in the afternoon. 

“August” by MUNA

This more laidback, acoustic version of Taylor Swift’s summertime bop helps to slowly shepard in the warm weather. While MUNA’s members usually excel at upbeat and danceable tracks, this mystical cover proves they can truly do it all. Especially for Berkeley fourth years who are celebrating 4/20 for the last time, the sentiment of continuing to “live for the hope of it all” is a welcome one as the school year comes to a close. 

“Stay High” by Brittany Howard 

This track is made for the camaraderie fostered while sitting on the Glade with friends, sharing a bowl with one another. Many students likely relate to Howard’s sentiment of wanting to capture the 4/20 vibe and remain in that world forever. Howard’s unique vocal tone makes any of her songs a memorable listen, but this one especially so, as she truly wails throughout its verses. 

“Real Love Baby” by Father John Misty

This song does an excellent job of bringing the vibe back to the 1970s, a decade famous for the growth of cannabis culture. The rhythmic drums of this song and its prominent natural imagery help transport the listener to a happier state of mind, making it the perfect accompaniment for a smoke circle, whether inside or outside. 

“Slow Burn” by Kacey Musgraves 

With a slight country twang, Musgraves’ signature smooth vocals are meant to be enjoyed on a chill afternoon, especially out in the sun. With lyrics like, “Good on a glass, good on green,” coupled with Musgraves’ personal enjoyment of cannabis, it’s clear that she wants listeners to enjoy this track with a little green in their hands. Maybe this song will inspire a slow burn of your own, even if it isn’t based on romance. 

“Pull It Together” by The Greeting Committee 

The song’s tambourine and echoing vocals in the chorus make this an energetic hit that even the most relaxed of listeners can’t help but bop along to. For those that find themselves walking from group to group on the Glade, chatting up as many friends as they can, this song’s uptempo nature captures the social aspect of 4/20, while its lyricism resonates with the uncertainty and anxiety that many college students feel this time as finals approach. 

“Stoned at the Nail Salon” by Lorde

Lorde’s ballad track from her most recent album, Solar Power, is perfect for 4/20, as she references her experiences with getting high to cope with the uncertainty of the future — just as many students might. The captivating harmonies, in conjunction with the song’s stripped-back nature, make it a track wildly different from much of Lorde’s discography, which is famous for the artist’s complex melodic songwriting, heavy use of synth and unique metaphoric lyricism. Nevertheless, Lorde’s ability to write a song conveying the uncertainty of growing up has never faded, which is especially relevant when listening to this track.

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APRIL 20, 2023