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Cal Day 2023 showcases campus organizations

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On April 22, a diverse array of clubs and other campus organizations will be promoting and showcasing their activities to new students.


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APRIL 14, 2023

With more than hundred clubs set to table on April 22, Cal Day will be showcasing a diverse group of campus organizations, supported with events and activities throughout the day for prospective students.

Clubs and committees ranging from the fields of design, engineering, Greek life, film and more will be tabling and campaigning for their organizations all day to display them to individuals who show interest.

“We’ll be showcasing some of the various design and photography work we have done in the past, having a sticker and flyer sale, and answering any questions incoming students have about our club!” said Julian Meyn, president of the Innovative Design, in an email.

Meyn explained that Innovative Design focuses on graphic design and web design. They meet each to work on various projects and “learn more about their craft.”

La Dawn Duvall, executive director for the campus department for Visitor and Parent Services, said she has been leading Cal Day for more than 15 years and explained how Cal Day this year will have more events than usual. Duvall noted that due to the pandemic, organizers had to limit what they could and couldn’t do in previous years.

“Last year we were only able to host outside events, but now we have inside events with lectures and presentations,” Duvall said.

Duvall said the day will start with Chancellor Carol Christ welcoming newly admitted students on campus at 8 a.m., with an additional welcome from the marching band. For admitted students who want to find out what’s going on throughout the day, from lectures to events, the Cal Events app will be available for use.

Golden Bear Cafe and the campus dining halls will also be open for newly admitted students. Duvall described it as “a day that is designed for people to see themselves at Cal.”

Shamus Li, president of the Cinematic Arts and Photography Club — which will be tabling on Cal Day — declared his excitement for discussing his club with prospective students.

“People can expect us to be out there tabling and interacting with prospective freshmen or anybody else who’s interested in our club,” Li said. “We’re a filmmaking organization and we’re super excited to introduce the joys of filmmaking to everybody on campus.”

Li noted the club will be using a banner and flyers, and are planning on engaging with anybody who wants to learn more about what they do or ask them questions. They will also be showcasing some of their previous work.

Cal Day, according to Duvall, is meant to give admitted students an idea of what it is like to be a UC Berkeley student with the various events that are happening and the student clubs tabling all around campus.

“​​I’m most excited about meeting all of the new bears that will be coming to campus this fall,” Li said. “It’s always really great to meet new people and I’m really excited that there’s an opportunity like this for everybody on campus to get to know each other and interact.”

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APRIL 14, 2023