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Luca Hadife launches international student, sustainability campaign for ASUC Senate

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Promoting campus sustainability, international student representation and Greek life improvement, Luca Hadife is running independently for ASUC Senate.


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APRIL 09, 2023

Campus freshman Luca Hadife is running independently for ASUC Senate on a platform of sustainability, Greek life engagement and international student representation. The foundations for his campaign stem from his background as an international student from Lebanon studying sustainable and environmental design. 

Hadife said he wants to implement feasible projects grounded in the campus community. He claimed the Senate allegedly currently prioritizes external issues over students, and he hopes to bring back tangible action. 

“Let’s make sure that people go home safe, let’s make sure the campus is sustainable, let’s make sure everyone feels represented, and then we’ll talk about something that’s outside,” Hadife said.

In regard to sustainability, Hadife wants to create a path for sustainable startups to receive more funding and advising resources on campus. He noted Berkeley SkyDeck, a startup accelerator, typically invests in for-profit startups, and it is difficult for new registered student organizations, or RSOs, to receive funding. Additionally, he believes all RSOs should have a sustainability component on campus. 

Hadife also hopes to “modernize” Greek life on campus through enhanced sexual misconduct policies, improved communication with the Interfraternity Council and strengthened professional development opportunities with alumni. 

As an international student, Hadife hopes to uplift this diverse group on campus by starting an Arab conference day and an international day. Hadife said these events will feature guest speakers, performances, tabling and food to celebrate people’s cultures and improve student retention rates. 

He also noted the limited campus resources made available for international students to connect. After trying to revive the Lebanese Student Association this year, following ten years of the organization being inactive, Hadife explained the process of completing paperwork was very difficult. 

“I want to make the process easier so that anyone can foster community,” Hadife said. 

Hadife’s experience as high school student body president makes him apt for the position, he noted. In the role, he raised $40,000 for students to attend graduation and prom during the financial crisis in Lebanon. He added his experience with the Lebanon revolution in 2019 inspired his drive toward political and sustainable activism. 

At UC Berkeley, Hadife continued fundraising efforts as the philanthropy chair of the Arab Student Union, where he raised $10,000 during the Syrian earthquake. He also expressed leadership experience as DEI chair of his fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi. 

Currently, Hadife has received endorsements from Phi Kappa Psi and the campus organizations International Students Association at Berkeley, Arab Student Union, Middle Eastern Business Association and Middle Eastern-North African Recruitment and Retention Center

Above all, Hadife said he is a driven and energized candidate who cares about the campus he serves. 

“When I am passionate about something I really do it,” Hadife said. “I want to make sure people are happy.”

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APRIL 09, 2023