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'Accessibility for intersectionalities': Daelynn Castillo-Delgado runs for ASUC Senate

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Inspiring student advocacy and equity, Daelynn Castillo-Delgado hopes to amplify voices across campus in her run for ASUC Senate.


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APRIL 09, 2023

Daelynn Castillo-Delgado, a campus sophomore studying political science, is running for ASUC Senate on a platform of advocacy for LGBTQ+ issues and equity for first generation and low income students.

Castillo-Delgado is currently the chief of staff for Senator Manuel Cisneros. Like Cisneros, she will be running independent.

Castillo-Delago said her identity is at the forefront of her campaign, noting she she identifies with the Latine and Black communities.

“As a low income and first gen student, I completely understand how hard it is to just come into this new environment,” Castillo-Delgado said.

To overcome this, Delgado said she will hold professional development meetings for her community to workshop resumes and cover letters. She also recognizes the need for informing students of dress codes for professional events and creating clothing drives for professional attire.

Castillo-Delgado said she sees an overlap between her communities and the Christian and transfer communities, both of which are groups she hopes to work with during her time as a senator.

“As for the queer advocacy, I am currently working with Manuel for our QT prom, which is later in April,” Castillo-Delgado said. “That’s something I would want to keep annually.”

The identity-based registered student organizations, or RSOs, are not widely accessible to everyone who identifies with those communities, according to Castillo-Delgado.

Castillo-Delgado said she senses a disconnect between the RSOs belonging to the same communities. She plans on holding an RSO fair within the queer community entering each fall semester so newcomers can feel like they belong.

“That’s my main goal here — accessibility for intersectionalities,” Castillo-Delgado stated.

Castillo-Delgado said she is equipped with perspectives from both the ASUC and RSOs. She hopes to work toward equal representation in voice through frequent communication with RSOs.

While recognizing the distress between the RSOs and ASUC, Castillo-Delgado said she understands both sides.

“I want to hear everyone’s voice and where everyone is coming from,” Castillo-Delgado said. “But I do see that being a sort of challenge, just with all of the pre-existing connotations that come with being in ASUC.”

Castillo-Delgado said in an Instagram post about her campaign she will also focus on health and wellness, ranging from accessibility of fresh groceries to sexual health resources.

According to the post, she plans to continue the work Senator Cisneros has been doing in the office.

“Everything I say I’m campaigning for, I’m going to represent, is an extension of who I truly am: I am first gen. I am Latina. I’m Black. I’m queer. I am low income. I grew up in South Central LA,” Castillo-Delgado said. “And I know that’s maybe not the story a lot of people identify with, but it’s mine. And that’s why I want to help.”

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APRIL 09, 2023