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Saruul Amarbayar runs for ASUC president

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Aiming to increase academic opportunities and uplift students, Saruul Amarbayar is running for ASUC president.


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MARCH 27, 2023

Saruul Amarbayar, a third-year student double majoring in computer science and economics, is running a campaign for ASUC president on the platform of improved student resources and safety.

Amarbayar currently serves as ASUC chief technology officer, or CTO, and said she works toward enhancing accessibility to student information and resources through technological means. She noted one of the greatest limitations of this role was lacking the “proper” reach due to computer science underrepresentation in the ASUC.

“(President) is the position that allows the greatest change, basically allowing representation,” Amarbayar said. “Currently, it’s a lot of performative words, which I’m not the biggest fan of to be honest. But we can definitely change that up.”

She explained her priorities are increasing academic resources, internship opportunities and funding for student and support groups. Amarbayar also added her goal to improve student safety on campus as well as increase accountability in the ASUC regarding environmental actions.

Upon hearing the computer science major would have its capacity reduced, Amarbayar said she hoped to guarantee students the choice to go into their desired majors. She explained her desire to make the transition into a future career less intimidating.

She also hopes to provide greater resources to transfer students, STEM majors, and career-oriented and professional development student organizations.

“(There’s a) big budgetary crisis that’s going on,” Amarbayar alleged. “We’re going to be doing very innovative thinking of bringing in funding for the students.”

With concerns over campus safety, Amarbayar hopes to implement a student property insurance to ensure financial security for students.

She also hopes to provide students with safe housing at an affordable price, especially during emergency situations. As an international student, Amarbayar recognizes the need to provide housing for students who are unable to return home during breaks.

“I’m fighting for the people who don’t have the voices or who have been absolutely underrepresented on this campus,” Amarbayar said. “We’re able to uplift each other, in order to make sure that all of our voices are not only presented through my voice, but I’m able to highlight everybody else’s voice.”

From her time as CTO, she said she has the tangible experience, ambition and creative thinking necessary to be ASUC president.

As president of Undergraduate Women in Economics at Berkeley and an intern at software company SAP SE, Amarbayar hopes to apply the knowledge she has gained from these experiences in service of the student body.

“Through all these, you attain a lot of experience, and now it’s time to actually implement it for the students,” Amarbayar said. “That experience, ambition, drive and innovative thinking which I can bring into real life solutions, is what absolutely distinguishes me from my peers.”

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MARCH 27, 2023