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Girl scout cookies if they were UC Berkeley majors 

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MARCH 22, 2023

Girl scout cookie season is here! We’re here to tell you what girl scout cookie you are based on your major. From sociology to engineering, there’s a cookie for you! 

Girl Scout S’mores 

This graham cracker sandwich cookie that has chocolate and marshmallow filling is a wonderful creation. In order to build a cookie this good, it would have to be an engineering major. 


Lemon-Ups are a newer cookie. They are crispy lemon-flavored cookies that have inspiring messages on them. Examples of these messages are “I am a leader” and “I am a go-getter.” The strong lemon flavor and motivational messages are sure to be a gender and women’s studies major. 


Samoas are both crispy and chewy with flavors of caramel, coconut and chocolate. They are now sometimes referred to as Caramel deLites, but they will always be Samoas in my mind. There is so much going on in this cookie such as the different textures, flavors and colors. This cookie would have to be a psychology major because of all of the different sensations it brings. 


This is a savory but refreshing shortbread cookie that is topped with tangy lemon icing. Without a doubt, this cookie is a legal studies major. It is sweet but also has an edge to it. From the outside, it looks like a bright and sweet cookie, but once you bite it, it can be sour and lemony. You can’t tell what’s going on inside just from how it looks.


Do-si-dos are a peanut butter sandwich cookie. These cookies would be English majors. The funky hyphenated name is a dead giveaway.


These are brownie-inspired cookies that are topped with caramel-flavored cream and a hint of sea salt. This adventurous cookie would be in the Rausser College of Natural Resources. 

Thin Mints 

Thin Mints are one of the most popular Girl Scout cookies. They are crispy chocolate cookies that are dipped in a chocolate mint coating. A Thin Mint cookie either majors in economics or is pre-Haas or Haas School of Business. The mint and chocolate flavors in this cookie are balanced perfectly just as Haas students learn to balance money. Thin Mints have a pretty big ego because of the number of people who buy them, which is similar to the number of people who apply to Haas.  


This cookie is a gluten-free cookie with crunchy toffee bits inside of it! Toffee-tastic cookies major in chemistry. When you make toffee, the temperature has to be at just the right temperature with just the right amount of sugar. Similarly, since they’re gluten-free, someone has to extract the gluten protein, and who else is better for the job than a chemist?! 


Trefoils are a classic and simple shortbread cookie. These were inspired by the original Girl Scout cookie recipe. Trefoils are definitely history majors. They are basic cookies where you always know what you’ll get when you take a bite.

Girl Scout cookies are a perfect midterm study treat. If you see someone selling Girl Scout cookies on Sproul, be sure to get yourself a box!

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MARCH 22, 2023