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Catherine Bauer launches her second campaign for ASUC President

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After her loss against current ASUC President Chaka Tellem in 2022, Catherine Bauer announces her second bid for the position this year.


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Senior Staff

MARCH 22, 2023

Catherine Bauer has officially launched her second bid for ASUC President this year.

A campus junior and co-chair for the ASUC’s Sexual Violence Commission, Bauer is running on platforms to provide increased basic needs support for campus students, creating a “safe and secure” UC Berkeley and establishing a just campus.

“What I’m really hoping with my platforms is that they tell a story,” Bauer said. “When people see these, I want them to really resonate with what we’re saying.”

Despite a loss against current ASUC President Chaka Tellem in 2022, Bauer is determined to assume this new role. While keeping in line with the thematic elements from her previous run, Bauer wants to be more honest with the electorate this March.

Addressing crime and safety in Berkeley takes center stage in Bauer’s intent for running. Specifically, she called the city’s increased aggravated assault report rates “ridiculous.”

“It’s devastating. Every time we get a WarnMe, that’s a student going through trauma,” Bauer said. “I’m running to ensure that students feel change where they need to see it on this campus and honestly, I’m not going to stop as ASUC president. Not until I see that students are doing better.”

Throughout the past year, Bauer has been making strides as ASUC Senator Tyler Mahomes’ legislative director, working toward instituting the Angel Shots initiative. In the Sexual Violence Commission, Bauer said she sits on the Path to Care advisory board and works with Greek life to provide resources addressing sexual violence.

Notably, Mahomes and Bauer launched their campaigns together, with Mahomes running for executive vice president. According to Bauer, the two candidates are sharing campaign platforms, having worked together in the past to implement Narcan and fentanyl testing strip distribution, among other efforts.

Bauer emphasized that her extensive experience in the ASUC — in senators’ offices, in the president’s office and as a commission chair — sets her apart from her contenders.

“I want this job more than any other candidate; I think it’s who I am. This is not my endpoint, this is my launching point. Who I am is public service,” Bauer said. “I’m addressing exactly what’s happening and I’m bringing that to students.”

Criticism leveraged against Bauer in 2022 included claims that she did not provide enough support or representation for people of color on campus. She noted that this is something she has focused on as a Gender and Women’s Studies major.

Bauer also called it a “fair point” to say she will never experience what others have.

“I’m never going to be the stereotype of like, ‘she’s a white woman, like, what does she know?’ ” Bauer said. “What I can do is I can sit down with these community leaders and say, let me write the bill with you. Let me introduce it to the Senate for you. Let me bring this to administration. I want to be your negotiator. I want to be one of your advocates.”

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MARCH 23, 2023