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Alphaeus Bey hopeful to become ASUC's first transfer president in over 50 years

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Bey wants to see a cultural shift toward a more collaborative atmosphere on campus.


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MARCH 22, 2023

Campus junior and transfer student Alphaeus Bey is running independently for ASUC president.

Bey hopes to address safety, diversity, ASUC transparency and UC Berkeley’s campus climate.

“This is the limit transfer students face,” Bey said. “If I don’t run now, I’ll never run. To get the full gist of opportunities, whether it be advocating for the student body or your network or career profile, we just don’t have a lot of time to take advantage.”

As a transfer student, Bey found the “competitive” climate on campus disheartening. He wants to see a cultural shift toward a more collaborative atmosphere where people do not feel like they’re competing for a small number of opportunities.

In addition, he cited the stigma towards transfer students creating an “unwelcoming” environment on campus, and he wants to “make history” by being the first transfer ASUC president in over 50 years.

Bey’s biggest goal is to make campus safer.

After receiving a slew of WarnMe alerts during the semester, he aims to start discussions with UCPD for students to voice their concerns, and for UCPD to be trained in mental health response.

In addition, he hopes to collaborate with UC Berkeley’s School of Social Welfare, local Berkeley government and county and state governments to combat houselessness in Berkeley.

“I’ve been formerly homeless, I took that route to get to Berkeley,” Bey said. “I’m aware of issues they face whether as a student, citizen (or) resident of Berkeley. I’d look to combat this issue by using resources we already have on campus, whether it be connections with the city or our bright-minded students to go out into the community.”

Bey noted his leadership experience from gaining over 15 years of work experience in both public and private sectors of law and government prior to attending UC Berkeley.

He also plans to “combat notions” of antisemitism and anti-Palestinianism.

“He reaches out and cares about you in a personal way,” said Carlos Vázquez, a current ASUC senator. “He is a very reliable person. He has all the abilities of a strong leader, and he’s kind, compassionate, and I think that will make him a strong candidate for this year’s election.”

Other points Bey hopes to address are antisemitism, elevating the voices of disabled students and funding and support for Latine students and programs.

“I’m coming in with a fresh perspective,” Bey said. “A perspective that I have to make this change now because I’m not going to be here (for long), whereas everyone else has had the chance to speak about these issues, and I haven’t seen it.”

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MARCH 24, 2023