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Nelson Cheng campaigns to become ASUC president

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Cheng, who is running as an independent, is pushing campaigns to provide students with free and affordable textbooks, end discrimination on campus and add ASUC funds for registered student organizations.


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MARCH 21, 2023

Nelson Cheng, a campus junior majoring in social welfare, announced his intent to run as a candidate for ASUC president.

Cheng is running as an independent and is pushing three campaigns. These include providing students with free and affordable textbooks, ending all forms of discrimination on campus and adding an extra $1,000 in ASUC funds for registered student organizations.

“Textbooks are very costly, and many students cannot be able to afford or purchase them, and they use online sources or are not willing to buy a textbook at all,” Cheng said. “This could affect their grades and academic progress, which is a problem I’m trying to solve.”

Cheng is currently a general member on the Sexual Violence Commission of the ASUC. Through this membership, he noted that he has worked towards preventing sexual violence across campus.

He added that one of the biggest campus issues for him is all kinds of discrimination, which he is trying to end through part of his campaign.

“Sexism is also one of the biggest issues that Cal has faced, and I am trying my best to end all forms of discrimination,” Cheng said. “That way, we can protect and enhance the safety of Cal.”

As ASUC president, Cheng noted that he would make his three campaign efforts a reality by pushing and persuading people to work toward them.

In addition to making campus a discrimination-free environment, he believes that the provision of funds for registered student organizations would increase engagement with the student body and have a positive impact on the organizations.

Cheng added that he hopes students on campus will recognize him and, even though they might not be familiar with him, hear him out so he can work with others to make campus safe again.

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MARCH 21, 2023