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What your favorite floor of Moffitt Library says about you

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MARCH 08, 2023

We all know Moffitt Library for its food-friendly floors, long hours and colorful interior. Some people hate Moffitt, while others adore it. If you’re one of the library’s biggest fans, then stick around. We’re here to tell you what your favorite floor of Moffitt Library says about you. 

First floor

Compared to the other floors, the first floor is bare and lacks color. You probably like this because you’re a minimalist, or at least are trying to be. Or maybe you really like traveling and are using escapism to avoid your problems because the first floor’s seating oddly resembles the seating you’d see at an airport. 

Third floor

With the entrance right next to you on the third floor, you probably can’t help but observe everyone around you. You like to see who comes in and out of the library, and are likely eavesdropping on people’s conversations. You’re probably introverted and choose the third floor because it’s less chaotic and quieter than some of the other floors. 

Fourth floor

Known as the loud floor that you can talk on, the fourth floor is ideal for extroverts. You love to chat with your friends, whether you’re actually studying or just gossiping. You’re creative and appreciate all the color this floor has to offer and, not to mention, you’re probably a coffee addict and love to take full advantage of being able to sip as loud as you want on this floor. 

Fifth floor

The fifth floor is for all the daydreamers out there. Who wouldn’t daydream if they had a view like that while they were studying? You’re probably shy on the outside, but once people get to know you, you’re full of energy and have an explosive personality. If the fifth floor is your favorite simply because of the nap pods, you probably overwork yourself and love to tell people you pulled an all-nighter and had multiple energy drinks to do so. 

No matter which floor is your favorite, Moffitt Library is a great study spot for undergraduate students. It offers great views, comfortable seating and makes for great conversations. So take this as a sign to head on over and get your study on in Moffitt! 

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MARCH 08, 2023