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Why Blackwell is the best residence hall

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MARCH 03, 2023

You’ve probably heard from most students that Blackwell is the nicest dorm, and not to rub it in, but I’d have to agree. From its modern architecture to its fancy amenities, Blackwell Hall was designed perfectly. I was extremely lucky to have been able to live in Blackwell during my freshman year, and it was the best dorm experience I could have ever asked for. Here are some reasons why!


The dorm rooms in Blackwell are shaped quite differently in comparison to typical dorm rooms, as they are long and rectangular rather than square. I really liked the layout of my room because I enjoyed the privacy that it provided, as it felt like my roommate and I had our own separate spaces. The closets have mirrored sliding doors, which is a nice touch. I also loved that we used key fobs, as it was easy and quick to get in and out of our rooms.


There are multiple lounges on each floor for studying and socializing. They have pool tables, ping-pong tables and TVs, which we used all the time. I loved being able to invite my friends from other residence halls to Blackwell lounges to hang out and work. The lounges are used for all sorts of activities — I’ve seen people throw birthday parties, pull all-nighters, host cute movie nights and hold intense study sessions.


Blackwell’s proximity to campus is definitely one of its best qualities, as it is only one block away. It is across the street from the RSF, a five-minute walk from Dwinelle and 10 minutes away from the libraries. I also liked being on Southside, as we were right by all of the restaurants on Telegraph and Durant Avenues. I was able to see the Campanile from my bedroom window, and I loved hearing the tower bell ring every hour.


Much of what distinguishes Blackwell among the dorms is how new it is and its nice facilities. Blackwell has its own personal gym filled with new equipment, which is super cool. The bathrooms have floor-to-ceiling stalls and showers, and they are frequently cleaned. There are also laundry rooms and trash rooms on every floor, which is incredibly convenient. The building has three elevators as well, and they even sometimes play music.

Students often describe living in Blackwell as living in a hotel, and that was definitely how I felt as a resident. As much as I’ve raved about Blackwell, all of the other dorms are amazing in their own ways as well. Most of my friends lived in the Units and they enjoyed it a lot, as they have a great social atmosphere and there is always something to do. I’ve also heard wonderful things about Clark Kerr and Foothill, as they are spacious and surrounded by beautiful nature and views. But at the end of the day, Blackwell will always have my heart. 

Sending love to my Blackwell family!

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MARCH 03, 2023