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Bored at home? What to do

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MARCH 03, 2023

During the COVID-19 lockdown, boredom seemed almost impossible to escape. While being locked in our rooms with nothing to do other than class, club and work meetings via Zoom, we had to get creative. Most people exited the pandemic era with a new hobby like crocheting, or small business. 

But even as the world reverts to a new normal, it can be a struggle to find your groove. Chloe Ting workouts, whipped coffee and the newest dance trends weren’t for everyone.

Now, with Netflix, TikTok and almost anything we can imagine at the tip of our fingers on our smartphones and mobile devices, boredom just doesn’t seem possible, right? But boredom remains real and often difficult to overcome.

So when life feels stagnant and almost impossible to enjoy, here are 20 ideas to get you out of that rut- enough to make sure you (hopefully) don’t have to be bored again.

  1. Have a movie marathon. Make some popcorn or hot cocoa, wear your comfiest pajamas, and watch the newest movies or television series, or classics like “The Breakfast Club” or “The Godfather.” You can do this on your own, or with a friend. Doing long distance? Teleparty is a great way to watch your favorite films and series with loved ones remotely!.
  2. Deep clean. Put on your grooviest Sunday cleaning playlist and get a head start on cleaning the tops and corners of your room. It’s a workout with a reward: a clean home to relax into when you’re finished.
  3. Re-organize, or re-arrange. Consider giving your room, or home, a makeover!
  4. Read a book. Remember that book you started in January to fulfill your new year resolution of reading one book a month? Now is your chance to open it and continue from where you left off.
  5. Learn a new recipe. Find a new Martha Stewart or Gordon Ramsey recipe online and try your best to recreate it! Pictures of the finished product are a must. 
  6. Paint/Draw. If you’re artsy, and even if you’re not, learn a new drawing or painting technique. Or paint what you see outside your window.
  7. Take a nap. Let’s be honest, there are not enough hours in the day to sleep! We can always use the free time that we have to catch up on our Z’s.
  8. Play with your kids, siblings, or pets. Spend some quality time with your children, take them to the park or have a pretend tea party.
  9. Invite a friend over. At least you won’t be bored and alone. 
  10. Put together a care package for someone. Spread love and send a package with someone’s favorite things along with comfort items to someone who might need it. 
  11. Be active. Look up an online workout, yoga or dance tutorial/session to follow. Who knows, you might like it! 
  12. Research a new hobby. Knitting, making jewelry, dancing, coloring, gardening, meditating- the possibilities are endless. 
  13. Make a spotify playlist. Curate a playlist of songs emitting certain moods or vibes, or create a playlist for your friends.
  14. Create a vision board. Think of some new goals or things you want (to achieve) and manifest them in an aesthetically visual way.
  15. Have a self-care day. Dress in comfy clothing and put on a face mask or take a long bath. The key is to do things that help you wind down and relax.
  16. Catch up with a loved one. Facetime or call someone who you haven’t spoken to in a while. I bet they will be more than happy you reached out.
  17. Sing your favorite tunes. Singing isn’t just reserved for the shower. Blast your favorite songs and live your live concert at the Rose Bowl dreams …
  18. Journal. Write down your thoughts, latest dreams, how your day went, or about the person who complimented your outfit. Just write!
  19. Go for a walk. If you must not be in the house, consider going for a walk around your neighborhood and taking in the surrounding nature. What do you see or smell? 

Go out. Research what you can do in and around your city on TripAdvisor. Visit a place you’ve ever been to before or go on a spontaneous trip to Target! You can do this with a friend or explore solo.

Contact Clarissa Arceo at [email protected].

MARCH 03, 2023