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What your favorite accessory says about you

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FEBRUARY 09, 2023

Deciding on what accessory to pair with your outfit can sometimes be a stressful part of the day. Picking out the best accessory often involves a battle between what will pair well with your outfit, what’s the most comfortable to wear and what that piece will say about you. We at the Clog want to make picking out accessories easier, so we’re here to tell you what your favorite accessory says about you.


Some accessories are worn to look good, while others are functional. Sunglasses check both boxes. There are two types of people who wear sunglasses. For some sunglasses wearers, blocking out the sun’s rays is the ultimate goal. For others, wearing sunglasses is your way of trying to see the world, without the world seeing you. You’re a mysterious person and like observing others, but dislike being observed.

Tote bags

At this point, who hasn’t given in to owning a cute tote bag? If you’re a tote bag wearer, you probably prefer style over functionality, because we all know backpacks are easier to use. Despite the disorganization inside your tote bag and its falling straps, your tote bag is your security blanket. It matches your casual-but-cute aesthetic, and you probably take it with you when you go thrifting or out to brunch. Among all the miscellaneous things in your tote, there’s probably something in there you bought because of a TikTok video.


Scrunchies are a classic accessory that will never go out of style. If you wear scrunchies, you either like their functionality or you use them as a wearable fidget toy. You’re probably a simple person who despises chaos. You like when things go as planned, but are also adaptable to any kind of situation.


From statement earrings to vintage rings, jewelry can say many things about a person. There’s no one way to describe a jewelry wearer, but you definitely have an alter ego that your jewelry hints at. For the minimalistic jewelry wearers, you come off as shy until people get to know you. But for the chunky, statement jewelry wearers, you have an extroverted personality and love to chat with anyone about anything.


Hats are interesting because you can’t always tell who’s having a bad hair day or who’s accessorizing their outfit. Like jewelry, there’s no single way to describe hat wearers. If you’re a baseball cap fan, you probably love to workout or you steal them from your significant other. Bucket hat wearers, on the other hand, prefer traveling, trying out new coffee shops and taking Instagram photos.

This is your sign to head to your closet and start accessorizing! No matter what accessory you choose, it’s bound to give the world a glimpse into your life and who you are. Choosing the perfect accessory doesn’t have to be so hard as long as you stay true to yourself and wear what makes you feel the best.

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FEBRUARY 09, 2023