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Things to do in a coffee shop besides studying

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FEBRUARY 09, 2023

Coffee shops are many college students’ go to study spots. Not only do they offer yummy drinks and pastries, but they are also aesthetically pleasing and offer a cozy ambiance to get work done. If you’ve ever wanted to switch up your coffee shop studying routine, here’s the Clog’s list of things you can do other than studying. 

Curate music playlists

Grab your favorite pair of headphones and go to town on your music streaming platform of choice. Coffee shops are the perfect place to listen to music and curate playlists for every occasion and mood you may have. Keep an ear out for any music the coffee shop may play — you never know when you’ll find your new favorite song. 


Whether it’s a physical notebook or digital journal, journaling is a way to self reflect and destress. Start the morning right with a cup of coffee and write down anything your heart desires. There’s no right or wrong way to journal, and you’ll be surprised how a coffee shop can inspire you to start writing. 

Catch up on the news

It’s hard to catch up on the news when you’re a college student who’s constantly studying and working. A coffee shop is the perfect place for reading the latest news, as it offers a quiet and relaxing space. Staying informed doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you have a croissant or coffee at your disposal. 

Create a Google Calendar 

If you’re not one to carry around a planner, a Google Calendar is for you. Start the day off right by organizing your schedule in a Google Calendar and drinking a warm cup of joe. It’s a great way to see the day’s or week’s events ahead of you and is visually easy to look at. Plus, it’s easily accessible on your phone or computer. 

Organize your camera roll

Be honest, do you really need thirty pictures of an attempted selfie in your camera roll? Organizing and cleaning out old pictures on your phone is necessary every once in a while. Put on your favorite song or podcast and start decluttering your camera roll. Just be aware that it may soon get filled with aesthetic photos of the coffee shop you’re at. Coffee shops are just too cute to not photograph!

By now, hopefully you’ve realized that coffee shops aren’t just for studying. We often forget about the more mundane or less prioritized activities we have to do in our lives, and a coffee shop is the ideal spot for getting those things done. So, grab a few bucks and head to your nearest coffee shop! 

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FEBRUARY 09, 2023