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New Year 2023: Begin Again

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JANUARY 28, 2023

“New year, new me.” Right. Perfect. The opportune time to reinvent myself into a version I have always wanted to be. Up at 5 a.m., asleep by 9, eating three balanced meals a day and comprehensively completing my assigned readings. That is, until the second week of January hits and I’m tired, I’m lazy, I’m already somehow burnt out and I just want to take a nap. As we roll on into this new year, I am tasking myself with just being okay, seeing each week as an accomplishment and finally applauding my little wins. Because those tiny triumphs are important — they matter.

And as everyone gains another year and this trip around the sun becomes a smaller and more minuscule fraction of our lives, I hope that we all find joy in appreciating one another and the world around us and take each day as an opportunity to begin again — because we can. 

Kick or be kicked: My 2023 bucket list


mug of chrissa olson

I rarely make bucket lists, but going into this year, it feels right. So here’s the honorable mentions from my long list of all the things I want to do this year.

— Chrissa Olson

How to make a vision board, why you should make one


Flat photo of a vision board among stationery

Essentially, vision boards serve as a daily reminder of your goals and where you want to be. They can also offer motivation when you need an extra push.

— Clarissa Arceo

The end of time as we know it


Natasha Kaye mug.

  As we wait on the outcome of this momentous and totally critical use of congress’s time, I’ve been contending with my feelings about the potential end of time as we know it.

— Natasha Kaye

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin’s next steps in 2023

Jesse Arreguin recognizes social justice and activism as major goals for the city community. Key issues to be developed in 2023 include affordable housing, homelessness, public safety, budgeting, and infrastructure development.

— Selina Yang

Eleventy-one days


Photo of Luke Stiles

I will keep thinking of it not as four months or as sixteen weeks, but as eleventy-one days, because it feels bigger. Longer. It’s a reminder to take it a day at a time, not to chop it into chunks that make time fly even faster.”

— Luke Stiles

2023 and me: Horoscopes for your new year


White zodiac symbols arranged on a dark blue background, by Karissa Ho

 Welcome to 2023! Let’s look at the astrological charts to guide us through the new year. 

— Dina Katgara

Grapes of worry


Daniela Ayala mug

When midnight struck this year, I was straddled between the pessimism of past years and the optimism of others who looked forward to the new year. I want a neutral year. 

— Daniela Ayala

A guide for Bay Area spots to visit each season

Shot of Japantown showing a pagoda and west mall

The Bay Area is home to a lot of cool spots and 2023 is the year of checking them all off your bucket list! The year of 2023 looks to be one of exciting Bay Area adventures.

— Caitlin Wang

New year brings new volunteer opportunities in city


Man in storefront on rainy day.

Berkeley volunteer organizations specializing in mentorship, service, and housing share their projects and goals for the new year

— Madison Creekbaum

Fresh Starts: A Playlist for 2023


Illustration of woman with headphones listening to music with album art behind her, by Tyler Wu

With a new year comes a blank slate, an air of invincibility, and the promise of earnest hope that better days lie ahead. The following list shares songs for this coming year:

— Nishat Sheikh

A resolve to resolute


Photo of Emma Solomon

Resolutions do not indicate a betrayal of the past, but more of a betrothed brighter future. In your resolve to resolute throughout 2023, strive for glimmers of improvement, rather than bold flashes of drastic change. 

— Emma Solomon

New year, new perspectives: Graduating in 2023


Mug of Geneva Hopwood.

I want my 2023, post-graduate life to be full of passion and adoration for myself, my life, and the people around me. For the first time, I welcome and celebrate the new year — because for the first time, I have something to truly look forward to.

— Geneva Hopwood

Your year at a glance


 I’m happy with astrology functioning as a trivial conversation starter (even happier with it as a way to scare off straight men), but once in a while, a mindful nod to horoscopy can be honestly worthwhile.

— Taila Lee

Looking forward while looking back


Photo of Michael Temprano

Instead of burying 2022 in the past, let the lessons you learned live on to empower you in 2023. Your previous challenges equip you for your current endeavors.

— Michael Temprano

Recreational Sports sees annual attendance fluctuation in gyms


Barbells at a gym

Resolutioners flock to the gyms with high hopes of self-improvement that often die down as quickly as they are created, with the RSF seeing similar trends of the annual cliché.

— Carolyn Yu

Journals, sparkly pink pens, fairytale dreams of the new year


Mug of Emily Kim.

Funnily enough, my long history of journaling started after a Princess Diaries marathon during midterms. As I continued journaling, I experienced my life turning into an interesting story that only I could have written.

— Emily Kim




Photo of Kat Shok

 I know my traps, my temptations, my tendencies, and so listing and planning and ordering myself are necessary to avoid them. 

— Katherine Shok

Manifesting me through their eyes


Holding eye contact with someone often provides reassurance that we are seen. But as someone who manifests a version of myself based on that look in the eyes of those I love, I’m terrified I’ll blink and miss what they see in me.

— Adriana Temprano 

1 second (almost) everyday

mug of julianna goldfarb

“One second a day reminded me of all the joy in my life without ignoring the sadness. 2022 was hard, and that is okay.”

— Julianna Goldfarb

2023 is the year of throwing away the plan


mug of amrita bhasin

I’ve stopped making plans for my life, not because they don’t pan out but because I think they restrict the way in which I view what I am capable of. Some of the best decisions I’ve made have been spur of the moment, spontaneous and utterly unexpected and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. 

— Amrita Bhasin

Movies to watch in 2023

Movie composite

Aryia DattamajumdarAs many await the next blockbuster hit, here are some anticipated releases to look forward to, this 2023.

— Aryia Dattamajumdar

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FEBRUARY 05, 2023