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How-to: Bring in a realistic New Year

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JANUARY 18, 2023

With the promise of a fresh start, the 2023 New Year has officially taken its rightful place in all our calendars. The change in number also commences a change in our outlook of what this year may hold for us. Many of us have followed the sacred “New Year’s Eve rituals” right before countdown to ensure a successful year ahead. Who knows, you may even have gotten your vision board hung up already. With many of us excited for what lays ahead, the thirst for transition can induce some anxious feelings. The Clog has got you covered with a How-To guide on bringing in a realistic new year.

Be Authentic to You

Sometimes a clean slate can be exactly what we need to reset. Maybe your goal this year is all about self-discovery or something as simple as changing up the decor in your room. Whatever it may be, remembering to stay true to your authentic self makes all the difference. Change will always be a part of our human nature, but be mindful to make decisions that reflect you. Choose authenticity over trends on this new path!

Pace Yourself

Being ambitious is never a bad thing. Yet, being unrealistic is. Writing down a list of goals you have for yourself this new year is a great way to keep yourself motivated and avoid a stock-still. Just remember to be realistic with your goals — change doesn’t happen overnight! You may not see a difference in a day, or two, or maybe even a few months, but with persistence and determination you will notice the difference in no time. Checking off your list of goals isn’t as easy as checking off a grocery list be mindful of that. 

Be Realistic

Although winning the lottery seems like the ultimate new years resolution, it’s also a bit fanciful. Make resolutions that are within your reach to ensure a realistic new year. 

Be conscious of your boundaries

Pushing yourself to new limits will never be an easy task — yet it may be one of the greatest things you end up doing. Seeking discomfort and trying new things will open up a world of newness you could have never imagined. Along with this new era of experimenting, remember to be conscious of your boundaries. Know when to say “no” to certain things and how to spot the difference between being uncomfortable and feeling unsafe. 

The Clog hopes you now have an eager outlook toward the new year and wishes you the best of luck with all your resolutions. No matter how small or big they may be, we hope the new changes on the horizon bring a promise of great things.

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JANUARY 18, 2023