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Year in Retrospect 2022: It's not the same as it was

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DECEMBER 19, 2022

At The Daily Californian, 2022 was a vibrant year. We published more than 4,000 articles, printed a physical paper every Thursday, shot breathtaking photos, covered historic events and published 11 special issues. Throughout it all, we honed our talents, worked hard to secure funding for the next five years and, most importantly, made close friends and memories that will last us a lifetime. 

In this issue, our staffers reflect on 2022 — the best movies they watched, books they read and favorite Daily Cal projects they worked on. We interview campus officials and community advocates about how their year went, but also write candidly about how we ourselves have grown throughout the year. Most importantly, we hope that this issue offers you a chance to reflect on how you navigated the year and all the chaos and excitement 2022 brought to our lives. Even though it won’t be the same as it was, see you in 2023!

Rediscovering my love for sports


Mug of Aditya Katewa

In a way, I rediscovered my love for sports this year. But at the same time, I rediscovered how I best connect to the people I love. 

— Aditya Katewa

5 best books I read in 2022


Stack of books.

With the increased popularity of reading and book trends (thank you BookTok), now is the perfect time to pick up something fun to read — whether you haven’t picked up a book in a year or are already an avid reader.

— Izza Ahmed

2022 in review: A sit down with Chancellor Christ


Photo of Carol Christ sitting in her office.

Chancellor Carol Christ reflects on major events of 2022 in an interview with The Daily Californian. Christ discusses the political challenges and social movements faced by UC Berkeley administration, celebrates the hardworking campus culture and looks forward to building community come 2023.

— Clara Brownstein

Photo Essay: 2022 in Photos


As we look back on the year, we hope this collection of the Daily Cal photo department’s best shots from 2022 intrigue you and inspire you to dig deeper into the stories of those portrayed. 

— Daily Californian Photo

New friends, classic faces: Best movies I watched in 2022


Composite of three movies.

We are still in a pandemic and it will continue to have its ups and downs, but certain things that we once took for granted — like movies and cinematic productions, have begun to reflame to their normal frequencies.

— Defne Karabatur

2022: A memorable moment in a year of positive change


Photo of Sleepy Cat Books cat walking on table with filled bookshelves.

January 2022 me feels like she existed lightyears in the past, but that’s because my life is so different now then it was just a few months ago. Even though there’s so many events to process, while I reflect on everything I’ve experienced this year, there’s one moment in particular that stands out most.

— Veerle deJong

2022 fashion trends


Illustration of key fashion trends, by Vivienne Lin

After the lapse in 2020-2021 fashion trends during the pandemic, 2022 is seeing an exciting comeback in the fashion industry. With social media influencers largely dictating the current fashion scene, trends are moving faster than ever before

— Josephine Ng

People’s Park: What happened in 2022


People's Park sign.

People’s Park has been a point of controversy within the Berkeley community as campus seeks to build housing on the park, while activists work to preserve it. But currently, the park is “chaos,” according to Nicholas Alexander, a resource coordinator who helps run the kitchen in the park.

— Chrissa Olson

Most iconic pop culture moments of 2022 


BeReal app.

2022, thank you for all of the memorable pop culture moments and amazing new music, shows, and movies. 2023, we’re ready for you!

— Caitlin Wang

Design Essay: Best of Design 2022


Strike illustration.

In 2022, our designers brought life to the words that would have otherwise been unaccompanied and alone, they gave color to a characteristically colorless piece of paper and they made The Daily Californian a paper one was excited to pick up. 

— Daily Californian Design

Letter to my 2023 self


Daisy Friedman mug.

For over a decade and a half, I could afford to turn on autopilot every once in a while because everyone was more or less on the same path. Now, every step I take is on my own.

— Daisy Friedman

Albums of 2022: Learning to heal, recover from heartbreak


Illustrations of albums to listen to from 2022, by Alison Xiong

With the world in its current state, music offers an outlet for people to express themselves and ways to heal. So here are four albums released in 2022 that’ll motivate us into the next year and help us learn to deal with heartbreak.

— Harol Guerra

Trusting Myself


vani suresh mug

I spent years constantly pursuing new adventures, hobbies and sports to try and outrun the fear of inadequacy that chased me relentlessly. I didn’t realize that if I stopped running and simply trusted myself, that inadequacy would never catch up.

— Vani Suresh

Leaning into it


mug of sabrina miranda

Joy can be found in the disorderly jumble of the hour, the breakdown of order, the chaos in flux.

— Sabrina Miranda

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DECEMBER 23, 2022