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I'm in love: Blue Bottle

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DECEMBER 07, 2022

Everyone has their favorite coffee shop. Well, I don’t have one… with the exception of Blue Bottle. 

But I don’t know if I’d call it a coffee shop as much as a heavenly sanctuary and the place that has seen-it-all.  

In high school, my nickname was BBB. Blue Bottle Bi*ch. And to this day, I hold that name high and true.  

Blue Bottle cafes are like my lighthouse, my anchor, my rock and any other aquatic metaphors that signal extreme dependency. 

There’s something just so comforting when I enter a Blue Bottle. Regardless of which part of the country or even the world I’m at, the consistent light shade of wood, glass pane windows and hipster employees who craft a little heart on my drinks all help everything make so much sense. 

In other words, the cafe is a breeding ground for good vibes. 

But of course, I don’t ever forget that it’s a coffee shop. If the perfect little atmosphere is what makes me stay, the decadent drinks are what make me revisit and spend $8 on a 12 oz latte. And you know what, I’m not embarrassed anymore. I can say it with pride: I spend a lot of money on lattes in pretty cups and oversized ice cubes. Mm-hmm. For some proof, it’s the only food-related app that doesn’t have that iCloud storage saver cloud icon next to it, if you know what I mean.  

Like any devoted customer, I have my go-to drinks locked and loaded. If I’m craving a cold coffee, I’ll order a Shakerato. It’s a lightly sugared and frothy latte drink that genuinely awakens every happy-cell in me. The muscovado sugar gives the drink a distinct taste that I can’t get anywhere else. 

If I’m in need of something warm, I’ll order a Gibraltar. This one is a Blue Bottle original and a twist on the Spanish cortado. I love to pair it with something sweet. 

And my number one ordered drink will have to be the Iced Matcha Latte. The drink has gotten me through every assignment starting from high school. The SATs, college applications, 10-page papers and grueling early mornings have all been paired with the green oat-y drink. 

When I moved to Berkeley for college, my primary task was visiting all of the Blue Bottle cafes in the Bay to find the perfect one. If you’re wondering which location is my favorite, I must unfortunately withhold that information. Blue Bottle is all about the vibes, the vibes that match your heart and soul (no, I’m not insane, just passionate). I’ve realized that there has to be some trial and error in this journey. One must venture by oneself.

Oh, and I recently discovered that Blue Bottle originates from the Bay Area. I really am in the motherland. 

With finals coming up, I can assure you that I’ll soon be semi-permanently lodged in a Blue Bottle with my laptop open and coffee frothy. 

I mean, guess where I am right now. 

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DECEMBER 07, 2022