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Editor’s note: Winter 2022

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Senior Staff

DECEMBER 03, 2022

The auburn leaves have fallen from the trees, leaving branches bare. The days have turned short and chilly, the nights freezing cold. With this, trench coats, puffer jackets and scarves have made their emergence from the backs of our closets. December is here, and so is the holiday season.

Thanksgiving break has brought many of us home. However brief, the week away from Berkeley was much-needed for many, providing a window of respite and introspection. In this issue, the writers of the Weekender delve into themes of calm and familiarity: the gentle notes of a lullaby, the smell of family and friends, the silent realization that we are all growing together. The contentment of traveling alone. And, in a fascinating take on family dinner, the eerie quiet of revenge served cold.

As campus sinks into the lull of finals season and winter break, the Weekender wishes you a month of warmth, rest and time with the ones you love.

Lee Xuan is the Weekender editor. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @8leexuan8.

DECEMBER 03, 2022