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Tips for cleaning out your closet

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NOVEMBER 22, 2022

Every so often I come to the realization that I need to clean out my closet. Maybe its because I have once again run out of hangers and need to cram every pair of jeans into my closet, or perhaps I found something I can’t even remember buying. Whatever the reason, it hits me that I need to donate items. The problem for me, unfortunately, is I tend to hoard my clothes. No matter how little I’ve worn it or how out of style it is, I convince myself that one day I’m going to miss it. Because of this, over the years I have created a list of some of the best tricks to make cleaning out my closet go smoother.

Hanger trick

This trick is especially helpful for students who move  around a lot. Each time I move into a new place I put my hangers backwards in my closet. As I wear clothes and re-hang them, I put them in the opposite direction of how they were originally placed. After a few months in a space, if there are any hangers still not turned around, it’s usually time to donate them. This hack helps me be really realistic about what I’m actually wearing. It’s the best way to free up precious space in my overstuffed closet. This easy hack points out what in your closet isn’t being used and is better donated.

Force yourself to wear it

This tip is for those who always claim they’re going to wear something, but can never actually find an outfit for it. If you also always find yourself with a pile of clothes that haven’t been styled in months, here’s what you should do. Go through your closet and take out anything you haven’t worn in a while. Everyday, force yourself to wear something from this pile. If you end up wearing it and liking it, then it’s perfect to keep. On the other hand, though, if you just can’t find an outfit to style with it or keep pushing off wearing it, it’s probably better off being donated. This helps weed out those clothes that maybe you used to wear a lot, but now just aren’t for you.

Trade out clothes

This last idea is for any serial clothes buyers. If you constantly are coming home with new pieces, but then never have space for them, this could help you out. When I have been in phases of way too many things in my closet, I usually do a tradeoff. For every piece of clothes I buy or receive, I must donate one item from my closet. This helps keep my wardrobe to a minimum, and helps me really consider if something is worth buying. While it may seem difficult at first, it really does help keep your closet to a minimum and make sure you’re thinking about what you’re buying.

Hopefully, the next time you realize you need to get rid of some clothes, this guide can help you out. All the simple little tricks are the best way to make space in your closet this year!

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