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Free weekend activities to try in Berkeley 

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NOVEMBER 10, 2022

There are so many fun activities in Berkeley, but some can get a little pricey. It can be hard to think of fun activities that aren’t expensive. Luckily for you, we’ve done some brainstorming and some research. Here are a few fun activities that won’t even cost you a penny! 

Picnic & games at Cesar Chavez Park

The 51B bus goes straight to the Berkeley Marina, which is another activity for you! However, if you walk for about two more minutes, you’ll arrive at Cesar Chavez Park. This park has lots of green hills that overlook the Bay’s beautiful sight. The best time to come in order to get the most spectacular  views of the water is at sunset. Come with friends or a partner! Make sure to bring a blanket, some fun games and music! Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures too! 

Open houses 

Berkeley has plenty of beautiful houses in the neighborhoods. Why not tour a few for some laughs? You can find the current open houses on Zillow or other renter websites and go take a look around! It can be fun to see the current homes that are on the market. Just remember to always be respectful of the houses and the owners. 

Farmers market 

The atmosphere at a farmers market is like no other. Walking through the smells of local fruits, fresh vegetables, baked goods and various plants is always heavenly. Coming here even just to get some free samples and listen to live music is worth the experience! There’s a big farmers market every Saturday in Downtown Berkeley. There’s even some seasonal events such as a costume contest coming up during  Halloween weekend! 


Take advantage of the nature that’s here in Berkeley! Right behind the Clark Kerr dorms there are some amazing hiking trails right at your fingertips. This is an extra bonus for any Clark Kerr residents! Being surrounded by nature is a great way to spend your weekend and unwind for the week’s stress. On this hike, there are many different paths you can take and they all  lead to a beautiful lookout point of San Francisco. You can go as far or short as you want! Even if you decide to go on a 30 minute hike, we’d say it’s definitely worth it! 

Tilden Regional Park 

If you want to go a bit farther than Clark Kerr, Tilden Regional Park is only a ten minute drive away! You can bring food and have a picnic here too or just take a walk and enjoy the nature and wildlife that surrounds the area! The park even has a botanical garden, a lake that you can swim in and a farm area with animals such as cows and chickens. There’s plenty to do here so come and spend the whole day exploring the park!

San Francisco Art and Film Program

The San Francisco Art and Film Program has events such as the San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco Opera, Cutting Ball Theater, San Francisco Ballet and others! This program offers extra seats to college students so that you can get free tickets to one of these amazing events. To sign up to get on the mailing list in order to get notified for  free tickets! The tickets can go fast so be sure to be on the lookout for any emails from them!

Well, that wraps up our list of free weekend activities! We hope you use our tips while you plan a fun-packed weekend. Your wallet will surely thank you.

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NOVEMBER 14, 2022