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What your favorite October music release says about you

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NOVEMBER 09, 2022

October has given us a ton of new releases, from full albums to much awaited songs. All these releases definitely served a range: pop, indie, alternative and more. Find out what your favorite release says about you!

Midnights by Taylor Swift

You always bring in a chill and mellow vibe. Chances are you enjoy late night drives and would also play the whole Midnights album while doing so after listening to it. Right now, you’re stressed about finding ways and exhausting all your options in order to get tickets for the Eras tour – whether that’s signing up for presale or figuring out how to get to a whole other city just for the concert.

Being Funny In A Foreign Language by the 1975

You’re a great balance between eclectic and grounded. You love feelings of nostalgia and definitely relived the older The 1975, middle-to-high-school era when they first came out with Girls. You go with the flow but you’re a romantic at heart and probably listen to this album while thinking about great past memories while going around campus.

“Shirt” by SZA

You love a good night out and beyond this also enjoy all the moments leading up and coming down from it. Living in the moment is probably your motto. You’re always the person to host the pre-games for any party and have a great playlist of songs to get everybody hyped up. At the same time, you still make sure to take care of everybody and make sure everyone is doing good.

ANTIFRAGILE by Le Sserafim

You love a good upbeat and hype song. You also love to dance and surely mastered the choreography for “ANTIFRAGILE” by watching all the videos and tiktoks. Whenever the song is played in a public place, you’ll drop everything and start dancing and bopping on the spot and will definitely jive with your fellow K-pop stans who will do the same. 

“Lift Me Up” by Rihanna

You’re very sensual and in tune with your feelings – which is a good thing! You’re never afraid to express your thoughts and ideas, even if it can sometimes feel uncomfortable. When playing back this song, you also most probably belt out the lyrics. You love a good ballad and can surely rock any karaoke song.

All these October releases surely made their way to our playlists. Now, let’s hope November gives us great music as well! 

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NOVEMBER 09, 2022