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How to romanticize your life 101

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NOVEMBER 08, 2022

The lack of vitamin D at this point of the year is eternally tormenting. Without summer rays to distract us from our issues and insecurities, the intrusive thoughts linger, marinate and fester within us. Through attempted internal reflection and time spent with loved ones, the same daunting question circulates in our minds: How do we survive — and potentially thrive — in such a transitional time in our lives? The simple answer is by romanticizing our lives, riding out this wave donning a rosy pair of sunglasses until we can feel alive again for some holiday cheer. 

1. Listening to music while walking to class 

While some of us have become relentlessly reliant on Apple AirPods or headphones for entertainment during our daily treks through campus, there is undeniably something romantic in curating various playlists. For example, listening to “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5 whilst being slapped in the face by crisp rain is fitting. When I feel a yearning to meet my soulmate, I listen to Taylor Swift’s Lover album. I will also listen (if necessary) to the soundtrack from “High School Musical” to satiate my nostalgia and alleviate my fears of growing older. 

2. Sit by yourself in a local coffee shop 

Any local coffee shop — not including corporate coffee — is romantic in nature. There are endless opportunities to people-watch the awkward first dates, the silent study sessions and the abundance of tea being spilled between friends. It’s a free source of entertainment — or dare I say, a perfect resolution for those experiencing a creative block in inspiration. 

3. Go on a night walk or drive 

While I highly recommend doing this with a buddy rather than alone for safety reasons, nighttime walks (and drives for those of you with access to a car) are wonderfully therapeutic. It’s satisfying to express and vent without the immediate repercussions of daytime reality. Sometimes, we just need a little break — and singing, ranting or even screaming in the night allows us a cathartic experience. 

4. Indulge in decorating your room with fairy lights 

Personally, fairy lights are superior to LED lights any day of the week. Their natural golden glow reminds me of driving by the blur of lights on holiday-decorated trees, seeing decorations in the windows of neighborhood homes. Dancing, singing or even talking with your friends underneath this gentle luminance transforms our ordinary lives straight into the plot of a movie. 

5. Revamp your Instagram

I’m a huge advocate for transforming your Instagram into a mood-board account by posting a delicious meal you recently ate, candid moments with your loved ones or pictures that resonate with you the most. Have fun by creating your own aesthetic! Social media is a highlight reel, meaning you can curate your own romanticized version of your life with ease. It’s also nice to look back at the special moments of your life with fondness.

This transitional season is the most opportune time to change a dull perspective and feel as if you’re truly living. Take this as your sign to start romanticizing your life — trust me, you’ll love every second of it. 

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NOVEMBER 09, 2022