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How to digital scrapbook

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NOVEMBER 03, 2022

Vision boards, scrapbooks, collages or whatever you’d like to call them, putting together a collection of images is an accessible activity that I find both rewarding and fun. And with so many choices, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are some of my tips on how to fill up that scary blank page. 

Word dump

It can be difficult to know exactly which visual you want. Try sitting down with a pen and paper and just start writing! Dump out anything and everything that is on your mind. It might be difficult at first but once you get going, trust me, the words will just keep on coming. It’s also a great way to know what’s been on your mind lately. 

Your one and onlys

Scrapbooks are all about your interests and likings. Begin by combing through all the different things that make you feel happy and inspired! Some key topics might include books, forms of media, clothing, quotes, places, people, colors, seasons and more. And this might be harder than you’d think (it definitely was for me). After all, we don’t spend enough time learning about ourselves as much as we should. But after a couple of introspection sessions, I really got to know and develop my own taste. Something cool I’ve noticed is that everything started to feel a lot more special and uniquely mine!

Curate, curate, curate 

Leaning into the vision board definition, digital scrapbooks are a great way to curate your space, mind and ultimately, your life. What I mean by this is that your goals and dreams, both big and small, can be aesthetically represented through visuals. Once it’s in front of you, it feels more possible to achieve them. And this doesn’t have to be some big, far-away goal: Anything from what to fill your backpack with to the kind of morning routine you’d like to have is perfectly perfect. Think Pinterest but with a purpose. 

Let it marinate 

Just like how the best ideas pop up at random times, you’ve gotta give it some time. The board doesn’t need to be completed in one sitting and you should do it when you feel like it, not as a task. Throughout the day, whenever I notice something I find cool or interesting, from someone’s outfit to a passage in a book, I never forget to put it down in my Notes app. Then later that night, I’ll compile it onto my collage. It’s like a personal scavenger hunt. 

It’s not a 180

With so much inspiration and ideas, it’s tempting to get into a consumption rabbit hole. Stay smart! Even if you’re hoping for a new lifestyle, you don’t need to replace your old beloved items, and you definitely don’t need to buy 100 new things. It’s all about mindset and it’s best to start small. That next meal? How do you want to plate it? What kind of desk space do you want? Is the next journal going to be pink, navy or black? Remember, this should be a slow process of editing your environment and making meaningful additions to all the special things that you’ve come to treasure. 

Get wild 

Now, with digital scrapbooks, anything is possible. That runaway look from Paris Fashion Week? If you liked it, collage it! Pull in all the images from your future dream home, however ridiculous the Zillow listing price may be. 

I hope everyone may soon wake up to their dream life. It’s never that impossible and never too crazy. 

Oh, I should scrapbook that.

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NOVEMBER 03, 2022