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Journey to San Francisco for some good treats

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OCTOBER 16, 2022

Berkeley has some amazing food, but sometimes it can be refreshing to try something new! San Francisco is full of amazing finds and the options are endless. The city is known for their food and you’ll find out why if you get the chance to go. Here are a few places that I’ve been to in San Francisco that were delicious and perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Kissako Tea

I found this gem in the heart of Japan Town! It’s a very small restaurant surrounded by other shops and food places in a mall. The line was super long when I went and it took a while to get my order but the wait was well worth it! I got the fruit mochi and I highly recommend you try it too. I could tell that it was a popular thing to order because they were almost out of the mochi! The flavors were pineapple, mango and peach. They were so flavorful and soft! This place is also not too expensive and the portions are pretty big. While you’re here, stay and wander into some of the cute shops for a souvenir or two.

The Mill 

If you’ve been craving a sweet breakfast, this is the place for you. The cinnamon sugar toast from The Mill is perfectly warm and melts in your mouth. It sounds like a simple breakfast toast, but they have perfected it and made it heavenly. The sugar sits on fresh, thick Sourdough bread that was crunchy on the outside and soft in the center. I came solely for the cinnamon toast but if you want to stay and get some work done, there are plenty of seats and the cafe has a very cute atmosphere. They also have Nutella toast, olive oil cake, shortbread, and other various pastries that I didn’t try but looked amazing. 

U :Dessert Story

The desserts here were the most extravagant desserts I’ve ever seen. The Thai tea crepe cake is  my personal favorite. It wasn’t too sweet but still had lots of flavor. It came with a thai tea dipping sauce and the presentation of the dish was beautiful. I also got the chocolate-pistachio bingsoo. This is perfect for chocolate lovers because it’s a chocolate heaven! The shaved ice texture makes it more light so it’s not too filling. The last thing I got was the monster toast. It was another chocolate dessert that consisted of chocolate ice cream inside a wall of buttery toast topped with Ferrero chocolate pieces. This was not my favorite but still really good and filled us up. This place is great for trying different things and sharing so make sure to bring some friends! 

Whether you decide to go to the city for the whole day or for just an hour or two, try to stop into one of these places and I promise you your taste buds will thank you. A good rule to go by is to never leave San Fransisco hungry! 

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OCTOBER 16, 2022