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How to find your signature scent

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OCTOBER 11, 2022

It’s a huge confidence boost when someone compliments the way you smell and when that scent is associated with you. This said, finding your signature scent can be hard. Not all perfumes smell the same on different people, and there are always different types of scents for various occasions — summer heat, nights out, day-to-day and more. Here’s our guide that will hopefully help you find your signature scent.


Perfumes can be expensive. One good (and obvious) way to try out different scents is to pick up rebottled samples. You can pick these up at your local department or beauty store. Some websites online also sell repackaged perfumes in smaller quantities so you can test them out before making a big commitment. 

Don’t be afraid to ask

When you’re walking on campus and get a whiff of a really good scent, don’t be afraid to politely ask what perfume it is you’re smelling. It’s a great way to discover more scents. More often than not, the scents people wear on campus are pretty affordable too (#collegebudget). 

Consider projection and wear time

Aside from the scent, make sure to consider the whole package. The way your body reacts to the perfume plays a big role in the whole experience. It’s also important to consider if it lasts the event or activity you’re using it for, so you get your money’s worth.

Find the perfume for the right vibe

It can be a good idea to switch up perfumes for specific events. Think of a lighter and fruitier scent for the daytime and a smokier and muskier scent for the night. Scents can change through the seasons too: floral notes are in a lot of “summertime” perfumes and warm vanilla and cinnamon are in a lot of “wintertime” perfumes. 

Take a deep dive into perfumetok or reddit threads

A great way to discover more scents to try is to take the word from the experts. A lot of perfume collectors and connoisseurs have videos on social media platforms like tiktok, reddit and youtube just talk about all things perfume. It’s a way to scrape resources and watching people talk about perfume in depth can be very therapeutic. 

These are just some of the tips to find your signature scent. It’s definitely a much longer journey involving trial and error. Although, one thing’s for sure: finding your signature scent can make a big empowering difference in your daily ritual.

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OCTOBER 11, 2022