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The day’s textures: A short story

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2022

Friday, September 16th

7:18 AM wordle – Google Search
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8:06 AM Topic: Devoirs 9/15
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8:42 AM  Topic: Devoirs 9/15
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3:12 PM ippudo hours – Google Search
5:54 PM Jack Harlow 9/16 at San Francisco Bill Graham Civic Auditorium – SeatGeek
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Saturday, September 17th

12:11 AM wordle – Google Search
12:11 AM Wordle – The New York Times
12:18 AM what time does bart stop running – Google Search
12:19 AM Hours of Operation – BART
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1:01 AM 51b bus schedule – Google Search
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I know I dated this entry as the 16th, but I’m up so late that it’s really the 17th. (This is sort of an issue because I told Zak I’d go to the zoo with him in the morning and now I have to be up in 5 hours. Not sure why I agreed to go with him?) I was quite impulsive today but the day was all the better for it. To recap:

I woke up this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep, which was frustrating. To be fair, though, I got to finish some homework and actually made it to the dining hall for the first time. Croads makes a bomb-diggity breakfast. I got to English lecture early enough to sit in the front. I almost skipped it but I’m glad I ended up attending. Prof talked about how the value of any life is greater than the sum of its parts and how stories can only go so far in making a life tangible, to give it shape and texture and meaning. It’d be impossible for a modern person to fully understand the past, or for anyone to share the essence of my life. The events of my day are articulable, but the meaning of a day is always greater than its constituent moments. We tell stories that never really do the trick, yearning to let others bathe in the unshareable sentiment of our existence. I’m still not quite certain how the lecture applied to Beowulf, but it was definitely one of the better lectures of the semester. After English, I had to SCURRY to French class — this will be the first and last semester I schedule back to back classes.

I love the moment I step outside after French is over on Friday and I have no classes until Monday. It feels like what a dog must feel when he’s let off his leash. The air hit my face and I floated back to my dorm and took a DEEP nap. It was the sort of nap after which I felt like the morning was yesterday. (Case in point: I just remembered that my Twitter account was disabled today and not yesterday! I guess they don’t like accounts that spam images of conservative politicians photoshopped with King Henry’s hands.) 

The events of my day are articulable, but the meaning of a day is always greater than its constituent moments.

To start the second day of today, I had Christine help me put together an outfit for my date (with Cooper!) which took so long I had to run a little bit on the way to meet him so I wouldn’t be late. Glad I remembered to reapply deodorant. 

Bro. The date went so well. We hit it off and dinner ended up being a lot of fun. But it didn’t end there! The moment we left the restaurant, I got a text from Emily saying that Jack Harlow tickets were only 25 bucks and a bunch of our friends might go. I mentioned it to Cooper and he tagged along — which I was a little hesitant about if I’m honest (introducing him to all my friends and all that jazz) — but he meshed so well with us. The groupchat decided just a couple of minutes ago that I can add him if I want.

I did make a little oopsie tonight navigating to Mel’s Diner… We had to walk 20-ish minutes further to arrive because I navigated us in FULLY the wrong direction, but we managed to order before they closed. I got a milkshake and unfortunately my stomach does not seem super thrilled about it at the moment. Today was a good day. I’m grateful for my friends and it being the weekend. I’m exhausted — which means I made the most of today, and also that I am ending this entry here and going to bed. Goodnight. I love you 🙂

The Feathers littered on the Earth–
Mem’ries of some Wren,
Who Laughed and Cried and Churred with Mirth,
On Leaves of Evergreen.

A Song that Thrashes in my Head,
For we can but Suppose,
The Myst’ry of Melody–
Unspeakable in Prose!

Contact Riley Nichols at [email protected].

SEPTEMBER 17, 2022

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