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Career Fair & Study Abroad 2022: Up, up and away

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2022

College is the time to experience exciting new things, and UC Berkeley students are lucky to have a plethora of clubs, activities and events to focus on outside of academics. There’s a whole other world out there to explore, both during our time on campus and after we graduate.

It’s daunting to think about life outside of the campus bubble. But eventually, we all must step beyond campus and into the unknown — whether that means finding your way in the workplace, applying for graduate school or boarding a flight abroad. 

In this Study Abroad and Career Fair Special Issue, The Daily Californian aims to provide some advice and inspiration for those of you thinking about your next adventure. Through the experiences of students pursuing unconventional work, studying abroad and struggling with their career choices, we hope to give you some peace of mind on your own journey. So arm yourself with a copy of this issue and wave to us as you fly up, up and away!

Mapping UC Berkeley study abroad programs

With hundreds of program listings over six continents, Berkeley Study Abroad boasts a variety of opportunities for students.

— Cameron Fozi

Photo Essay: A day in the life

photo of haeundae beach

The one thing I was most excited about upon entering college was getting the chance to study abroad. Finally, after two years of canceled programs, I was able to spend the past spring semester at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.

— Aurora Zeng

‘A community of practice’: UC Berkeley professor James Campbell discusses economics, pedagogy

photo of professor james campbell

Nestled comfortably between a bike, unopened moving boxes and a dog bed, James Campbell, UC Berkeley lecturer of economics and pedagogy, sits in his newly assigned office on the sixth floor of Evans Hall. “I don’t have a dog,” said Campbell about the dog bed, a leftover from previous occupants.

— Kavya Gupta

How to survive UC Berkeley’s intense hustle culture

photo of people tabling on sproul

UC Berkeley’s hustle culture can be intimidating, overwhelming and somewhat toxic. You can easily fall in the trap of trying to join as many organizations, clubs and classes as you can, which may take a toll on your physical and mental health.

— Nicholas Clark

Discovering your life’s purpose: A simple guide from a stranger

Maybe you’re lucky and your work career and life career are the same. No prescribed amount of guidance counselor meetings and self-help book reading will definitively reveal your life career.

— Aarthi Muthukumar

Game time: Advice for tackling recruitment season

photo of reminder list with water bottle

This time of year is busy for many undergraduate students looking for campus organizations to join, internships to secure and jobs to land. But don’t panic — consider these tips to get recruited and stay rebooted for another round of applications galore.

— Adriana Temprano

A love letter to Hiroshima: How study abroad shaped my college experience

vani suresh mug

Your slang and your streets became familiar, and without even realizing it, I had come to call you home.

— Vani Suresh

College recruitment, creme brulee, never-ending fear of the future

vivitsaa dhakal mugI could always do better, work better, get better. But there comes a time when our overwhelming dissatisfaction reaps the failure of our highest duty as people… to just live.

— Vivitsaa Dhakal

Campus mascot cannot bear any more rejections

Oski getting rejected from an internship, illustrated by Aishwarya JayadeepFor one 80 year-old sophomore on campus, the career fair brings nothing but rejection. Oski, who will turn 81 at the end of the month, has never really had any luck with finding a job.

— Chris Ying

How can a person know everything at 7, but nothing at 19?

Photo of Izza AhmedI had always been told that college would be a time of self-discovery and “finding yourself,” and realized that there wasn’t a particular field of study or career path I could see myself exploring.

— Izza Ahmed

The road less traveled: Lessons from a student entrepreneur

Illustration of two different career paths

Having built a startup at Berkeley, I’ve decided to pursue it full time upon graduating. To those of you who are looking to do something entrepreneurial after college, yet hope to avoid the traditional corporate America route, here’s a guide on the process.

— Amrita Bhasin

Quiz: Where should you study abroad?

composite photo of italy, ghana, chile and thailandWhat better way to explore that world than study abroad through one of Berkeley’s 348 programs? Take this quiz to learn what study abroad location is best for you!

— Vani Suresh

A guide on how to make the most of campus career fairs

photo of berkeley career center

A universal truth: UC Berkeley’s career fairs can be a treasure trove of information — if you know what you’re looking for.

— Aditya Katewa

The legend of the Campanile: A horror story of grand proportions

Photo of Mahika SinghalHe had internalized the Campanile’s striking by now, his heartbeat had synchronized with it.

— Mahika Singhal

Fountains for future fulfillment: Discovering my career path

Packed into this equation is the obligation I feel to live up to the rankings, but more than anything, to the legacy of those who have made it possible for me to know what career I want to pursue and actively go for it.

— Adriana Temprano

How I navigated UC Berkeley’s work-study program

photo of moffit reception deskAfter having worked in various departments and facilities, here are some of my biggest takeaways from UC Berkeley’s work-study program.

— Stella Kotik

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OCTOBER 03, 2022