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Quiz: Where to volunteer this summer?

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JULY 05, 2022

If you’re itching to make a difference this summer, but aren’t sure how, this quiz is just the thing for you! Take this quiz to find out which community project or nonprofit you could be volunteering for in the Bay Area.


  1. What’s your favorite way to spend the weekend?
    1. Read
    2. Garden
    3. Go on a hike with your dog
    4. Spending time with friends
  2. What’s your favorite place?
    1. Your backyard
    2. Your local state park
    3. Downtown
    4. The library
  3. When do you like to work?
    1. Any time, but not for too long.
    2. Maybe a few times a week?
    3. Every day, all day!
  4. Are you looking for a potential new job?
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Maybe
  5. Do you like meeting new people?
    1. All the time!
    2. Sometimes
    3. That’s not for me…
  6. How do you like to make a difference?
    1. Helping out members of my community with daily tasks
    2. Volunteering at clean ups
    3. Teaching people new skills
    4. Other
  7. Congratulations! You’ve been matched with…
    1. Literacy Berkeley READS. This summer, you might enjoy teaching folks to read at the west branch of the Berkeley Public Library. Volunteering is a blast and happens twice a week. You can help adults learn to read, as well as volunteer for family literacy programs, if you enjoy interacting with children. If you love to hang out at the library and meet new people, this opportunity might be perfect for you! 
    2. Hands On Bay Area. If you just want to jump in and start helping out wherever you can, try Hands On Bay Area! They host events such as food pantries, clothing drives, gardening and harvesting events. You’re bound to find something you like — there’s always something booked on its calendar.
    3. UC Botanical Garden. If you have a green thumb and love spending time outside, this is the place for you. At the UC Botanical Garden, you can volunteer by tending to the plants on the grounds, acting as a docent guide, working in the plant shop or in the curatorial department. This opportunity is perfect for people who want to keep volunteering throughout the year.
    4. Lindsay Wildlife Museum. Are you an animal lover? Want to preserve native species? Interested in a career in biology? This opportunity is a great one to get you excited about all of these things, and be a part of a really unique experience at the museum.
    5. Berkeley Mutual Aid. Love helping out your neighbors? BMA is all about that. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it focused on matching low-risk volunteers with members of the community who needed help with getting food, necessities or even someone to talk to. The best part of BMA is that anyone can be involved, from teens to adults.


Contact Sophie Horvath at [email protected].

JULY 05, 2022

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