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Sailing Away

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Coming home. Moving on. Sailing away. These are common themes among graduating classes, especially those who have received their diplomas through Zoom screens or masked ceremonies.

At The Daily Californian, the class of 2022 has a lot to be proud of. Students have returned to the office for production, marking the end of a year of fully remote publication. Cubicles are filled with laughter, and chaos reigns once again. Editors are working on office computers and making snack runs to Menchie’s and the corner store — symbolic of a full circle and return to normal for those of us who were here before the pandemic. We saved the Daily Cal, securing funding for the organization we all love for another five years, and have continued to publish outstanding and beautiful content.

Although bittersweet, it’s our time to celebrate the end of this crazy journey. Come sail away with us, as we embark on new adventures and brighter beginnings.

— Jasper Kenzo Sundeen, Mallika Seshadri, Lisi Ludwig and Connor Lin


At the end of the day, the most important part of my life isn’t what I’ve done with it, but the people in it.

— Jasper Kenzo Sundeen

‘Almost dreamlike’: Farewell, for real

Photo of Mallika SeshadriI learned when to be an ally and when to hold institutions accountable. I discovered I didn’t just have a place at the Daily Cal. I had friends here, too.

— Mallika Seshadri

The final draft

Photo of Lisi Ludwig

I’m writing for myself to keepsake the drafts of tales and relics I treasure. And I’m writing imbued with the spirit and currents of life that has come to pass.

— Lisi Ludwig

A love letter to the Daily Cal

connor linI’m a combination of every creative director, design editor and Daily Cal staffer who came before me, from names I’ve only heard in passing all the way up to those with whom I’ve spent more nights than I can count huddled around the design desk.

— Connor Lin

Living fast, growing faster

More than anything, I’ve been lucky enough to learn how to live — and that I don’t have to do it alone.

— Saya Abney

Open waters

Photo of Emily HomI’m crying on Sproul Plaza, and I don’t care who sees. I wasn’t supposed to end up at UC Berkeley.

— Emily Hom

Ditch the outline

Being someone so averse to change, I learned that adapting to the unexpected was good for me because it forced me to mature.

— Kabir Rao

Todo a su tiempo

Photo of Amber SotoThe prospect of graduating early was honestly comedic as it seemed not at all likely and all so far away. And yet, here I am.

— Amber Soto

Silly spiral staircase

Mug of Sunny Shen

Looking back, I can think of hundreds of faster ways that could have led me to where I am today, but I regret none of it.

— Sunny Shen

In defense of “Cats” (2019)

Image of Lauren Sheehan-Clark

I watched the movie “Cats” — as many of you did — on a winter’s day in 2019, and it changed my life.

— Lauren Sheehan-Clark

Launching into limbo: A reprise

Photo of Jericho RajningerI can’t help but feel as though the end of college is a rather abrupt dislocation from home, not unlike how leaving for UC Berkeley felt four years ago.

— Jericho Rajninger

Spread my legs and fly

photo of Kino Farr


— Kino Farr

I graduate for you

Photo of Julie MadsenJulie, I graduate for you. You have learned some tough lessons. You have gone through nearly 22 years of life, death and sometimes some place between the two.

— Julie Madsen

Taking chances on me

Photo of Tarunika Kappor

I never did high school journalism — that was probably one of the most common facts I told people when I joined The Daily Californian news department.

— Tarunika Kapoor

A Golden Bear song

Photo of Hari SrinivasanI realized what defined my undergrad experience was the support and encouragement at Berkeley that gave me the confidence to pursue opportunities.

— Hari Srinivasan

A love letter to the homemade food that kept me afloat at UC Berkeley

Mug of Kristy Choung (Daily Cal Staff)

This may be the end of an era here at UC Berkeley, but you will definitely make a comeback elsewhere — I’ll make sure of that.

— Kristy Choung

Another story for the city

Mug of Maya AkkarajuThe streets of Berkeley are decorated with mysterious, witty stories. It’s difficult to say goodbye to this story-filled city.

— Maya Akkaraju

The end of the beginning

Mug of Winnie Lau

I can’t believe this is my first time publishing a personal piece. In fact, I’ve always found it weirdly uncomfortable to share my emotions — perhaps it is the intimacy that scares me.

— Winnie Lau

An honest reflection on my time at UC Berkeley

Photo of Gisselle MedinaYou want to do so many incredible things for the people around you, but don’t forget that you need to put yourself first too, that you matter.

— Gisselle Medina

Farewell Berkeley, hello real world

Mug of Anthony Angel Perez

As soon as I arrived at Berkeley, I knew that I was making a statement by moving away from home to begin this new chapter of my life.

— Anthony Angel Pérez

My college experience as a recovering agoraphobic

While my college years may not be for everyone, that’s completely okay and encapsulates exactly what a college experience should be: personal and different for each individual.

— Rina Rossi

My time at Berkeley

Infographic of Simmone Stearn's time at UC Berkeley

— Simmone Stearn

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MAY 13, 2022