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Cal Day 2022: All the pawsibilities

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Considered a beloved tradition and a glowing example of the UC Berkeley mythos, Cal Day has — at least for the past few years — been nothing more than a presupposed, nostalgic memory in the minds of campus inhabitants over yonder. Few are left who remember the days of a landscape awash in blue and gold, students both current and incoming frolicking about Sproul Plaza and Sather Gate. While it is true that this annual event has existed in an indefinite pause since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks as if the ghastly hiatus has finally come to an end: against all odds, Cal Day 2022 has arrived.

Whether you’re coming into your final weeks on campus — and are struggling to find the words to say goodbye — or are just beginning your college journey with questions on how to make this vast place a home, let these anecdotes and words of advice be your saving grace. Together, we’ll bring this campus back to life, one Golden Bear at a time.

Walk the lonely road

However long you spend as a college student at UC Berkeley, the time is never enough. There is simply too much to do and the days get away from you.

— Amber Soto

The Oski Committee: Keepers of Bears, secrets

Photo of OskiThey don’t want you to know. Hiding in plain sight, they slip into its skin and assume its identity. They transform into something not of this world.

— Gabe Classon

Photo Essay: A glimpse of UC Berkeley

Photo of the campanile and the San Francisco Bay

In capturing the charm of our campus with each snapshot, we have sought to remind ourselves of what originally drew us to this city, to this school.

— Samantha Lim and Jonathan Hale

Return to in-person: Cal Day over the years

Photo of Cal DayOn April 23, UC Berkeley will be hosting an in-person Cal Day for the first time in two years. The day packed with in-person events will be held for newly admitted students and their families, giving them the opportunity to get to know their new campus.

— Maya Banuelos

Berkeley: Through a barista’s eyes

Photo of Vivian StacyNestled unassumingly between bustling Bancroft Way businesses, Cafe Milano has long been a central element to UC Berkeley culture, offering 36 years of coffee-curated community and chocolate croissants.

— Vivian Stacy

Turning a dorm into a home

Photo of a decorated dorm room tableNow that the last chapter of your high school experience is seemingly said and done, why not let the dorm room decorating commence?

— Anyssa Torres

A comprehensive tier list of every dog at Top Dog

Photo of a top dogTop Dog is there to satiate those cravings. Serving primarily hot dogs, Top Dog offers a diverse variety of sausage types — there’s a flavor for everyone.

— Kenzo Fukuda

Top 3 pieces of advice for incoming freshmen at Cal

Photo of a tour group on campusAs a rising senior and former GBO leader, here are three tips I’d give to any incoming freshman (including my former self)!

— Ryan Chien

Impermanent, but still a goodbye

Despite being born and raised in the Bay for my entire life, I did not have my first chance to visit the UC Berkeley campus until I was 16.

— Tarunika Kapoor

Touring the tales of UC Berkeley

Photo of Bowles Hall

From worrisome to wholesome, here are UC Berkeley’s stories and legends that you might have missed on your campus tour.

— Adriana Temprano

The hardest parts about acclimating to UC Berkeley

Photo of staff Amrita BhasinUltimately, UC Berkeley will make you a stronger, more confident and more proactive person, and that is something I am grateful for.

— Amrita Bhasin

Clothed and ready: A how-to guide for the perfect UC Berkeley event

Photo of student supporters at the Big Game

The Good Bear prepares their outfit for and participates in all of campus’s wonderful traditions by following this curated guide.

— William Cooke

The history behind UC Berkeley’s most iconic buildings

Photo of South Hall

Our campus has seen the construction of some of California’s most iconic and exemplary buildings — many of which still stand today.

— Anishi Patel and Samantha Lim

A garden of thoughts

Photo of Jonathan Hale

Being an impostor is the chip on my shoulder. A reminder of the fact that even with all my flaws and failures, I still managed to get to where I’m at.

— Jonathan Hale

Flight 510 to Berkeley, now boarding

Photo of Hsi-Min Chan

When the sun hits your face just right and the wind edges past the leaves to sound like the ocean – if you close your eyes, it’s almost as if you are home.

— Hsi-Min Chan

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APRIL 23, 2022